5 Reasons Why Our Website is Going Viral

21 Nov 2013

5 Reasons Why Our Website is Going Viral

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Quickly after launching our website, it has gone viral. With an immediate spike in views, requests for more information and blog coverage (such as Jezebel) -we’d like to point out why.

#1) There is clearly a demand for men seeking to look their best
Men in and around NYC are looking to look their best. As the number of men seeking plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures has dramatically increased, most plastic surgery websites focus on women.


#2) This is an under-served demand
Today most everyone does a web search to discover where and how to fulfill their needs. Tens of thousands of men are searching in the New York City area to find an online source dedicated to exactly what they are seeking. Male Plastic Surgery was created solely for men-offering male before and after photos and services that strictly men are looking for.


#3) This is the first website to sub-specialize on specific body types
Male Plastic Surgery created Athletic Dad, Bodybuilder, CEO/Boardroom and Male Model to capture the different types of men in and around NYC. Being able to identify with one of the four categories (whether it describes you or someone you want to be) allows men to see a customized package of services that fit their needs.


#4) Social media is interested in new trends
Social media is used today by almost everyone. However, new and interesting topics are few and far between. Launching the first NYC male plastic surgery website filled a genuine hole and bloggers/social  media users picked up on our message.


#5) People are interested in seeing the real amazing results from the before and after gallery
The before and after gallery of Dr. Steinbrech shows the amazing results of a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon. Not only are our photos of real men in and around NYC, but our wide range of images gives our users realistic ideas of results.


We hope you enjoy our website and send/share our link with your friends, father, husband and colleagues!

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