The Abdominal Implants Gallery is to view before and after photos from NYC patients who had abdominal implant surgery performed by Dr. Douglas Steinbrech, please click on each thumbnail to enlarge it to a full-size image. Watch the video.

What Are Abdominal Implants For Men?

Abdominal implants, also known as abdominal etching or six-pack implants, are a cosmetic surgical procedure specifically designed to enhance the appearance of the abdominal muscles. This innovative technique involves the placement of silicone implants beneath the fascia layer of the abdomen to create a defined and sculpted six-pack appearance. The procedure is typically performed on individuals who have an already low body fat percentage but desire more prominent abdominal musculature. By strategically implanting these custom-made prosthetics, plastic surgeons can mimic the natural contours and ridges found in well-developed abs, resulting in a more chiseled and athletic physique. It’s important to note that abdominal implants are different from liposuction or muscle-building exercises since they solely focus on augmenting muscle definition rather than reducing fat deposits or enhancing muscular strength.

Abdominal Implants Gallery of NYC Patients

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