Are You A Yummy?

28 Mar 2014

Are You A Yummy?

Are You A Yummy?

Male_Yummie_NYCA “YUM” is a Young Urban Male who is redefining the luxury market. Where luxury brands used to target older women, they are now targeting a bigger market, Yummies! Yummies are prosperous, trend-conscious young men who want the world to know it.

For all of the Yummies out there, who want to look and feel good, Dr. Steinbrech offers a range of incredible procedures. Just as women want a polished appearance, so do men, or shall I say Yummies?

The Male Model procedure offers jaw augmentation, pec enhancements, liposuction and buttock implants. If you dress like a model, there’s no reason you can’t look like a model.

To learn more about the Male Model procedure in NYC, please click here!



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