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2 Apr 2018

After Gastric Bypass Plastic Surgery for Men in NYC

Gastric bypass surgery is growing in popularity and has become a life-saver for millions of people suffering from excess weight. Having gastric bypass surgery is a life-changing event that allows people to lose massive amounts of weight and take their lives back. However, it always has an unintended side effect: excess skin.

As excellent as gastric bypass is, there is only so much it can do. It does wonders for weight loss, can help curb issues with diabetes, and also makes it easier for patient to regain mobility. However, it cannot get rid of the excess skin that’s left behind after major weight loss.

That’s exactly why Dr. Steinbrech’s office offers after-gastric bypass plastic surgery for men in the New York City area.

Why After-Gastric Bypass Plastic Surgery?

Though gastric bypass surgery offers a lot of benefits when it comes to the confidence one gets from weight loss, it’s important to realize that weight loss is only half the battle. Many men who have lost significant amounts of weight still feel self-conscious because rapid weight loss causes excess skin. It’s not uncommon to hear a man who has lost a large amount of weight refuse to take off his shirt or wear shorts because of the excess skin they have.

Another thing people might not realize is that you might not be able to lose weight uniformly. This can cause a disproportional body in some men who have undergone gastric bypass.

Dr. Steinbrech offers surgery that removes extra skin and fat, and gives men the bodies they want to have. If you have been feeling insecure or self-conscious after seeing the effects of weight loss, he can help you.

What Will After-Gastric Bypass Plastic Surgery Involve?

Dr. Steinbrech takes every patient’s case on an individual basis. Most patients who choose to get this service will undergo general anesthesia. While under anesthetic, Dr. Steinbrech will remove excess skin, using small incisions that are kept as hidden as possible. Patients who need liposuction to remove excess fat will also have it performed in the same sitting.

Most patients will be expected to have at least a three to five days of downtime, with most men returning to work within a week. However, it’s important to talk to Dr. Steinbrech to find out your individual procedure to get a better idea of what to expect.

Who Is A Good Candidate For After-Gastric Bypass Plastic Surgery?

Due to the medical nature of gastric bypass surgery, each candidate will need to undergo a checkup to ensure that they are capable of getting plastic surgery. The ideal candidate for this specific form of plastic surgery is a man who:

  • Is in overall good health
  • Successfully underwent gastric bypass surgery
  • Has their weight stabilized
  • Has excess skin that they want to get rid of

Additionally, it’s also important to remember that patients should have reasonable expectations when they choose to undergo plastic surgery.

Book Your Consultation Today

You came so far with gastric bypass, and now, all you need to fully rejuvenate your body is to get rid of extra skin. Dr. Steinbrech will help you reach that final step.  For more information about Gastric Bypass Plastic Surgery for Men in NYC, please call (646) 480-7750 or click here to schedule a consultation.



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