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21 Sep 2016

Facial Fat Injections Offer The Fulfillment You Need

Hours on hours, days on days, weeks on weeks, and even years on years — that’s how long some people spend in the gym trying to achieve physical perfection. While determination and dedication are major keys to success, let’s be real: sometimes we can all still use a little extra help.

Personally, I’ve lost count of the amount of times that I wished I could simply just transfer fat from one part of my body to another, and chances are, I’m sure you have too. And while I always thought it was one very far-fetched quick fix, the truth is, it’s not so crazy after all.

For my couch-potato self, I have to admit that the idea seemed like a dream come true (who doesn’t love an easy way out?!), but for my iron-pumping boyfriend, I figured it was one that never even crossed his mind. He didn’t take the easy way out. He didn’t just wish for the perfect body. Instead, day in and day out, he put in the work to achieve it.

So, on the day that he came home and told me he would be undergoing a minor plastic surgery procedure, I couldn’t believe my ears… until he explained.

Naturally, my boyfriend was a skinny kid. He wasn’t big-boned, he wasn’t stocky, he was a “stringbean,” as he put it. And although he was able to transform his body in the gym, his face was a different story.

His body bulked up in ways he never thought were even possible, so much so, that he felt his face no longer matched.

“I look sick,” he explained to me. “My face is so hollow. I can do all the workouts in the world, but they’re aren’t any to strengthen up my face structure.” So, he turned to Dr. Steinbrech.

Just like my boyfriend, other muscular men in NYC and LA can benefit from Dr. Steinbrech’s facial fat injections by gaining fullness throughout their face. Facial fat injections involve the transfer of fat from one area of the body to be injected into the desired areas of the face. The fat cells can be used to add fullness under the eyes, in the lips, and cheeks, all delivering a natural looking result.

After the facial fat injections, not only did my boyfriend see immediate results, but I did too — I saw that for seemingly the first time ever, he finally felt like himself.

While muscles may be made in the gym, a full, flawless face is made in Dr. Steinbrech’s office.

How it works:

Little preparation is needed for facial fat transfer, but smoking must be avoided leading up to and post-procedure for a few weeks.

Facial fat injection results are immediate for male patients in NYC. Directly following your injections, enhancements may appear greater than your final result. The amount of fat injected into the face must be greater than the amount needed, (as fat is absorbed into the body) extra fat cells allow for the right amount of volume for your desired final result. After your fat injection consultation with Dr. Steinbrech, you will have a clear understanding of your projected result.

For more information about facial fat injections in NYC, please call (646) 480-7750 or visit Dr. Steinbrech’s clinic to set up your no-obligation consultation today.

9 Sep 2016

Gordon Ramsey Serves Up Some Youth

Gordon-RamsayThe foul mouthed and all too intimidating British chef, Gordon Ramsay has been growing in popularity as the spotlight brings him closer into the limelight. The TV personality had finally surrendered to the vicious world of Hollywood after they had made extreme remarks about his physical appearance. Ramsay’s constant facial expression conveys an all too frightening demeanor as we know just how short of a fuse the celebrity chef really has.

Ramsay had never been the type to worry about how he looks to other people, especially on screen. His talent and personality did all of the work for him. However, it wasn’t until the people closest to him spoke up about how his appearance was a direct reflection of how the public perceived him and how the media was representing him.

We get it, Ramsay doesn’t seem like the type who would succumb to trivial things such as looking good or changing his appearance to please the public eye. However, Hollywood and the media can be very cruel when it comes to a person’s image. Appearance is everything, especially in the world of stardom.

Ramsay expresses how he would read the vicious things written about him in the tabloids, describing him as “craggy-face, map of Wales, ugly, deflated rugby ball”, as the list goes on and on. His own children have even asked him why he has so many wrinkles on his face, while his daughter has even tried to squeeze coins into the deep creases on his face.

According to the Daily Mail, a fellow Brit and Hollywood veteran also has given Ramsay a push to go under the knife. Simon Cowell who is no stranger to the world of Botox and fillers had advised Ramsay that getting minor work done will help his likability and will appear more pleasing to the eyeballs watching him on television. His overall persona is intimidating in itself, so softening his look will increase his charismatic star power and clean up his rugged, harsh features.

One uncomfortable incident that Ramsay had experienced was when a professional makeup artist asked him if he had been involved in a car accident as a child and if he had went through the windshield. These negative responses to his skin, specifically around his chin, mouth and forehead, really began to take a toll.

Ramsay has openly admitted that he too has grown uncomfortable with the deep lines and wrinkles on his forehead and the diagonal creases on his chin. He has even gone as far as comparing himself to Scarface. The restaurateur hasn’t always felt this way about his appearance, however his children are who had driven him to become more paranoid with how bad his skin looked.

Ramsay B and A

Unlike many of the Hollywood stars that go under the knife, Ramsay did not go out of his way to hide the truth of the scenario. Although, his stance on the matter is quite comical as he toldMirror, “No one noticed until I mentioned it. When you don’t say anything, you’re classified as a liar, so you can’t win. It’s got me more s**t in the past 6 months.”

He has claimed to have gotten laser, not Botox, although there have been other news outlets quoting him for speaking on Botox which seems accurate since his face looks more plump and youthful than it normally does. In an uncomfortable four minute procedure, he had a few pricks on each side of his face. However in an all too strange way, Ramsay had claimed that the brilliant man that worked on him refused to touch his forehead (and we can’t seem to figure out why). We’ve never taken the in-your-face hard-a** as a fibber, but then again who really knows?

Shortly after more rumors had begun to surface, fans and onlookers had speculated that he had gotten way more done than just a laser treatment or fillers. The gossip suggests that he has gotten Botox, facial fillers, veneers, a hair transplant and a facelift. We aren’t sure just how accurate these accusations are, but judging by his current appearance, we don’t think he went that far.

Until of course, a weird case of a snowball effect had spun the media and sent us all through a whirlwind. Strangely enough, shortly after his procedure, Ramsay was spotted leaving a hair clinic with a cap covering his scalp. Then, shortly following his exit route from the Beverly Hills clinic, he was spotted looking extremely puffy and swollen. His response to all the rising gossip surrounding his appearance? He was out shooting in Costa Rica where a group of bandits poured gasoline all over him. Following this odd-sounding story, things just started to sound even weirder. Not too long after this mishap, Ramsay and his family were vacationing for holiday where they spent two weeks in Napa. When the family had gone horseback riding, the vulgar chef explains how he had a terrible allergic reaction to the horse on top of his recent scalp problem, he refers to the long stint of unfortunate events as a “hair nightmare”.

Ramsay B and A 2

The strange reality of Ramsay’s situation is not the act itself of getting work done as men’s plastic surgery is no longer considered a taboo, rather his all too extreme “story” explaining his puffy faced appearance. Dr. Douglas Steinbrech, a Manhattan-based plastic surgeon who specializes in male plastic surgery told Business Insider, “Over the last three to five years, there’s been a huge boom in men’s aesthetic surgery. Out practice has seven websites, one exclusively for men, and many of our patients now are male. It’s a very big misconception that all patients are women.”

The rising trend in the realm of male plastic surgery has grown in popularity and now more than ever men are seeking treatments to help return their youth to their appearance. Botox or not, the dirty mouthed chef is still whipping up delicious meals and serving up a huge slice of sarcasm, Scarface or not, we’ve gotta love him!

30 Aug 2016

When All Else Fails: Botox Relieves Migraines

It started in my teenage years: debilitating migraines, preceded by auras and distorted figures that suddenly appeared in my field of view. Sometimes I suffered from tunnel vision and lost my eyesight for a few minutes. When it happened I would lock myself up in a bathroom, shut off all the lights and push a towel across the bottom of the doorway to make the room darker. I even wore sunglasses to make my world as opaque as possible.

Then minutes later the pain would arrive – this searing, monster pain usually right at the back of my forehead. Sometimes it lasted for only four hours, and other times for half a day.

This is what a migraine feels like to me: it isn’t a “headache”, as some websites describe it. Migraines make me talk funny because my brain can’t properly function from the blood clotting that occurs in my head. My hands and feet either get tingly or go numb. It’s torture.

I’d tried everything for relief, from buying readers to lessen eye strain to visiting scads of doctors for various prescription medications. Nothing worked.

After the number of my migraines escalated to two to three times per week, I thought about trying more radical treatments. I’d heard celebrities talk about how Botox helped them with migraines, but I blew it off as an excuse to use it for more superficial reasons.

“No, I don’t get Botox to look young in Hollywood. I get it for migraines,” I watched a wrinkle-free starlet say once on a home shopping network show as she patted her forehead. I just rolled my eyes.

This is what a migraine feels like to me: it isn’t a “headache”, as some websites describe it. Migraines make me talk funny because my brain can’t properly function from the blood clotting in my head. My hands and feet either get tingly or go numb. It’s torture.

Until one day I flipped through a magazine and noticed an article with the headline “Migraine Sufferers” in bold, glossy letters. Naturally it caught my attention. It said that the FDA had approved Botox to treat chronic migraines.

Discovering this article in the midst of my constant migraines felt like a sign. I immediately made an appointment with a local plastic surgeon. I’d already tried Botox once and didn’t experience any side effects, giving me no apprehension about using the injectable again.

I visited the plastic surgeon and received injections to my forehead, head, neck, back and shoulders, leaving me feeling a little stiff for a few days. He told me it could be at my second round of injections three months later that I’d really notice results.

After twelve weeks and two sets of injections with barely any side effects, my migraines disappeared for about six months. This felt like a monumental win. I went from having migraines every few days to nothing for a half a year.

Other sufferers report similar results. “I have found in my practice that Botox is highly effective for patients with chronic migraines,” says Dr. Douglas Steinbrech of Male Plastic Surgery in New York City.

Why does it work? “Botox reduces muscle motion and strength in key areas of the face and neck where certain types of migraines are generated,” says Dr. Manish H. Shah of Shah Aesthetic Surgery in Denver. “Muscles that don’t squeeze as hard won’t compress the sensory nerves as much, reducing the pain associated with migraines.”

For those interested in trying Botox for migraines, Dr. Steinbrech explains, “I use the Botox in areas of the forehead, temporal and back of the neck. Typically, the treatment takes about five minutes. The patient can get right back to work, and the relief can last up to four months.”

Based on my own experience, I highly recommend it.

5 Quick Facts About Botox for Chronic Migraines

  1. Not all cosmetic doctors who do Botox are trained in the administration of the drug for chronic migraines. Make sure you properly describe your condition before scheduling your treatment.
  2. Each appointment shouldn’t take more than 15-20 minutes of your time.
  3. The Botox is only injected into small muscles and shouldn’t feel like more than a small prick. Side effects may include slight soreness, mainly in the neck area. Expect to receive the injections in several parts of your body.
  4. It takes two treatments over 12 weeks to get the full results. Set up a schedule to continue to get Botox treatments every 12 weeks to keep migraines at bay.
  5. Ask your insurance provider if Botox is covered. Most plans will reimburse part of the cost when it’s for medical reasons.

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16 Aug 2016

Where Are Abs Made?


Abs are envied by all. But who has the best? We asked our go-to expert on this subject, Dr. Steinbrech, and he provided us with a list of the top most requested abs in Hollywood, made in his highly-accredited practice with his top level technique and advanced procedures. Here they are:


From leading man and total bad*ss on “Sons Of Anarchy” to mysterious man for “Reveal” by Calvin Klein, Hunnam’s six pack is nothing short of fantastic. This biker babe shows off his killer washboard abs, in an unapologetic fashion, and honey, it’s totally okay with us!



Emma Stone said it best in “Crazy, Stupid Love”, one look at Gosling with his shirt off and you’re simultaneously sweating and exclaiming, “Seriously? It’s like your photo shopped!” This isn’t the Mickey Mouse Club anymore, Gosling is all grown up and has turned out to be nothing short of amazing. Whether he’s Noah, our favorite romantic heartthrob from “The Notebook” or Sargent Jerry Wooters from “Gangster Squad”, this Hollywood hunk has no problem showing off is best assets (and we have no problem with that).



Puberty hit Efron like an 18 wheeler, straight on, and the results are nothing short of immaculate. The one time teen heartthrob turned Hollywood’s hottest neighbor has always been one to make sure his body was camera ready, however, his metamorphosis has transformed him into some sort of sculpture-esque being. Some may say it’s a bit much to take your shift off that may times, but we don’t mind Mr. Efron, not one bit.



Did you seriously think we weren’t going to recognize one of the most solid individuals in Hollywood? Terry Crews is more than just a talented actor or on-screen funny guy. This guy is sporting some serious tone in his body. Does fat even exist on his stature? Hm, I really don’t think so. Funny man Crews has used his impeccably chiseled physique in conjunction to hilarious comedy and acting skills. Keep on flexin’ Terry!



Move on over Denzel, there’s a new front runner in town! London born Idris Elba is on the rise as one of the hottest celebs. to hit the big screen. His rising stardom (and killer core muscles) have landed him a spot to be the next possible James Bond, at least, that’s what the rumors are saying. The people have spoken and I think it’s about time to give the people what they want. Idris Elba for Bond? He’s got my vote!



Funny guy, Chris Pratt, is not only an adorably innocent Andy Dwyer in NBC’s hilarious sitcom, “Parks and Recreation”, but also shows off his masculine, chiseled contours as Peter Quill in “Guardians of the Galaxy”. Who knew Pratt was packing a rock hard six pack under his Jurassic Park uniform? We definitely didn’t, but we’re glad we know now!



We all remember Mark Wahlberg’s infamous Calvin Klein ad circa 1992 (I mean, I was born that year but you can’t NOT know about this kind of thing). It’s been continuously circulating around the media steadily for 24 (and counting). This can be owed to plenty of things; maybe it’s his Baywatch arms or perfect pecs but we’d like to be a bit biased here (because we can) and owe it to his killer six pack. And you know what? 24 years later and he’s still got it.


This pint sized power house may be small in size but never underestimate his strength. Kevin Hart is currently at the peak of his stardom with countless comedy tours and movies premiering left and right. Hart takes a lot of pride in making sure he is always fit, in shape and takes the proper time to work on his physique. Work hard, play hard but still be “Seriously Funny”. Sexy AND comedic? Let’s just say scoring Kevin Hart is like winning the lottery, only I’m sure it’s a lot more fun.

Honestly, who can blame these men for always taking their shirts off? (Seriously, because we need to know who to thank for this) Looking good is a rising trend that grew in popularity thanks to social media outlets like Instagram and Snapchat. Through proper diet and exercise, men have always believed that they will achieve the body they want, however, the majority of men do not know that problem areas are real. Problem areas tend to be the more stubborn portions of the body that may take a bit longer to build muscle mass or have an issue shedding fat that stays stagnant. For these reasons, among a handful of others, men have turned to plastic surgery at a growing rate. After multiple attempts at getting your body into the shape you want, men begin to realize that the excessive amount they are putting in is not giving them the outcome they deserve.

Male Plastic Surgery is where rock hard abs are made and Dr. Douglas Steinbrech has been dubbed the “Go-to surgeon for men” by Forbes.

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20 Jul 2016

Social Media Makes Over Plastic Surgery

34f33b0Influenced by the power of the hashtag, our culture’s appetite for perfect Instagram bodies submerging our feeds have spawned an alarming number of individuals to seek out cosmetic enhancement and plastic surgery procedures. Heaps of selfies and flawlessly fit photos have transformed social media into a boundless marketplace for the industry to flourish in.

How is a person’s confidence and self-esteem not supposed to be affected by such unnatural, filtered standards and unobtainable aesthetics constantly ‘viralling’ out of control? Of course, we are going to be dissatisfied with our physical. We can’t help ourselves by comparison. Yet, we all choose to ignore the one obvious realization. Social media is simply public perception. None of this is legitimate.

More effective than traditional platforms for advertising, both the InstaCeleb and the leading professionals create exposure through their fan-base of followers. Figures like Kim Kardashian, fitness models, fashion moguls and pretend somebodies have all taken to Instagram to share photos of their coveted curves or smoothed out faces. Now people can even download photos and videos from Instagram of their favorite celebrities or social media influencers. From basic make-up tutorials guiding your contour to some of the most extreme before and after results are all being delivered directly to the hand-held devices of authoritative beauty bloggers and their extended communities.

Board-certified plastic surgeon and expert Dr. Douglas Steinbrech explains, “Social media is without a doubt having a substantial impact for my practice. Since the growth in digital popularity, individuals have become more comfortable with the idea of altering their image all in the name of selfies. They are walking around with cameras glued to their palms 24/7. They want to look their best at all times in case of impromptu snaps. Both surgical or the alternative non-invasive treatments are reaching an entirely new audience and segment of potential patients.”

Generations of the past were much more discreet about the work they were having done. In prior decades, individuals who opted for a little nip and tuck would slip away for about a week or so only to turn up appearing miraculously rejuvenated. Nothing like some ‘R&R’ to reclaim your youthful look right? Wrong. Society was hip to your game. However, now our enlightened adolescents have no shame in injecting some filler, plumping up their pout, and minutes later showing off their new look on the Gram. Many young women are even being paid via dermal fillers to promote these serums and formulas as an avenue to boost sales among med-spas and practices.

Beauty seekers are eager to get in on the action. They are able to target large demographics without even having to try very hard. Our notoriously self-obsessed upbringing leads many women and men too willing to share information and happily document their plastic journey across the Internet.

According to recent reports from The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, various procedures among both male and female patients seeking fillers and other enhancing hydraulics have skyrocketed up to 43 percent in a short five year period. Many surgeons are attributing this rise to the increased usage of the social media stage.Theresa Pinson is an exceptional example of spa technician’s offering first class, at-home care including Chemical Brow Lift using Botox Cosmetic, lip enhancement, Cheek augmentation and overall facial rejuvenation. Early on she was able to establish her credibility simply on a referral basis chronicling transformations on social media. Highly accredited and famed celeb surgeon Dr. Ramtin Kassir insights, “My patients often upload and post moments after waking up from surgery, or even while undergoing a contemporary ‘lunch-time’ cosmetic treatment- like lip filler.” Surgeons who are not participating in this realm of media are missing out on a huge opportunity. According to Kassir, majority of his traffic and lead generation comes from social forums, which are single-handedly shaping beauty enterprises.

Whether for attention, or almost a sense of civic duty to exchange reviews of their experience, a new breed of clients have been born, alongside their supplements, Fit Teas and teeth whitening kits.

Advanced plastic surgeons like Dr. Monica Tadros are very understanding to the current social media movement. Tadros has pioneered a new technique in lip shaping with ‘Love Your Lips’, sculpting a person’s natural pucker. Thanks to major personalities and VIP’s like Kyle Jenner highlighting this paramount facial feature, young girls are not walking, but running to the nearest injector. Tadros customizes her methods by specializing in a wide variety of injectables to create balance and symmetry while designing luscious, fuller lips with more definition and curvature. Since such extreme, wide-spread initiatives on social media like #TheKylieJennerChallenge made headlines, this was a necessary strategy to educate young adults on how to enhance their supple lips safely. And although we can appreciate one’s desire to keep up with the ‘trends’, too many big names were attached to overfilled botches.

Support on these networking channels can be as big of a driving force into these plastic procedures as is the negative backlash. With ever-evolving technology between both plastic surgery and innovative media tools, both women and men desire the ability to track their progress behind total perfection. Individuals will forever crave the satisfaction with ‘likes’ and followers, solidifying their level of attractiveness. From inflated lips to inflated egos, social media is the ideal visual solution the cosmetic plastic surgery field has been waiting for.

16 Jun 2016

Male Plastic Surgery Expert Develops Exclusive Procedure on Examiner


BodyBanking®  is a new cosmetic plastic surgery procedure developed by the highly accredited “Godfather of Male Plastic Surgery” himself, Dr. Douglas Steinbrech. The goal of the treatment is to provide the transfer of a patient’s access fat from one target area of the body to another. By using an individual’s own body fat, Dr. Steinbrech is able to relocate said fat injections strategically as a way to position and/or remove surplus fat, causing imbalance. When transmitting the original disproportionate and stored pockets of fat to the proper desired regions, the trained surgeon is able to create and sculpt the perfect physique for their patients simply with injectables. Natural body fat makes for an outstanding tissue filler material that involves the customized displacement of fat to be distributed evenly and symmetrically. Subtracting fat while enhancing curves is a more subtle and effective alternative to designing and built aesthetic.

BodyBanking® in NYC solidifies the benefits of fat injections to fill and shape areas of the face and body for male patients as a solution for substitute formulas and serums.


• Body fat is an individal’s very own organic filler
• Method of treatment may be timed on average 1 hour for completion
• Injections may last anywhere from a few months to permanently
• Little to zero recovery, downtime or disruption in one’s daily routine (Affords the opportunity for individuals to return to work and their set day to day activities immediately)
• Minimal discomfort
• Safe, advanced, and exclusive technique accomplished by one of the top tier professionals leading the industry market
• No pre-testing is required and the fat cannot be rejected in this manner due to the fact that it was naturally produced and stored
• Credible surrogate if the patient is allergic to bovine collagen and/or other substances
• Cost effective when combined with any another contouring procedure, like liposuction

How It Works?

The donor area and the aimed treatment area are first interjected with a local anesthetic. Fluids are then instilled into the donor site to enable fat collection using a cardinally placed syringe. Once the fat is introduced and infused, penetrating through the surface of the skin, the syringe is then pulled out, ready to be processed and cleaned. Finally, the last step is injecting the patient’s fat into the updated, aspired area. The amount of fat injected into the body must be greater than the amount needed, (as fat is absorbed into the body) extra fat cells allow for the right amount of volume for an optimal, successful result.

BodyBanking® is not permanent. Application of this approach may require maintenance and/or personalized attention. Your trusted, board-certified surgeon will openly discuss and communicate any concerns prior to, during assessment and consultation. Long-lasting and extended results will crave healthier lifestyle choices as needed. There is immense value added because there is no unnatural implant. BodyBanking® is receiving mass amounts of inquires because people are interested and encouraged through these non-invasive options.

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8 Jun 2016

Secret To The Summer Body Revealed

11142348_372266539631272_1459533314_nAs we are getting closer to the summer season, some of the main thoughts on our brains are hitting the beach, catching a tan and…trying to see our feet over our giant belly?

Nobody wants to feel out of shape, especially on the beach, ultimately bearing all for the world to see our insecurities and problem areas. Common beach goers aren’t always as perfect as the hunky lifeguard or the chiseled volleyball player, as that takes a lot of work and dedication in the gym and in our diets.

For men, there are three specific body types that characterize each build and ability/inability to build mass and bulk.

First, we have the ectomorphs, which are typically the skinny, lanky guys. They have a slight frame with a fast metabolism. These individuals often have a harder time building muscle mass and fat. This makes it difficult to achieve that certain physique they desire and those signature surfer abs.

Then, we have the mesomorphs, who are the men who seem to be naturally athletic. For these guys, they seem to gain healthy weight and muscle just by breathing and stepping into the gym. Their athletic physique and strong bone structure helps give them the ability to pack on muscle while gaining healthy weight and mass. These people are considered “genetically lucky”.

Last, we have the endomorphs, which are usually the small, stocky guys who smell pizza and gain ten pounds in all the wrong areas. These men have the ability to gain muscle however struggle because they gain extra fat. Although these individuals are strong, they tend to carry around excess weight that becomes harder to shed.

Not everyone can be a mesomorph, and more often than not, guys are either an ectomorph or an endomorph. However, with the rising trend in male plastic surgery, genetics and inability to gain muscle and tone in the body is no longer the factor holding men back.

Dr. Steinbrech has perfected the art of “Gladiator Abs”. This procedure, also known as abdominal etching, is used to surgically remove unwanted fat from the abdominal region and sculpt the stomach to a more defined appearance. By enhancing and improving the definition and tone of the abdominal muscles, men cam finally have the chiseled abs that they’ve always dreamed of.

Believe it or not, there are a large group of men who have participated in extreme exercise and strict diet regimens that have built their ideal six pack, however, it is well-hidden underneath a layer of stubborn, unwanted fat. For some, diet and exercise only do so much for the body and the harsh truth of the matter is that sometimes, these methods just do not work effectively, no matter how much time and effort is dedicated to the final result.

Dr. Steinbrech has mastered the Gladiator Abs and did so with the fact that gladiators are always displaying a strong, well-structured physique that drips in masculinity while displaying the ultimate defined body.

This surgery takes approximately one hour to complete and may be performed under local or general anesthesia as an outpatient procedure. Before the surgery begins, Dr. Steinbrech will first draw an outline of the patients existing abdominal muscles that will act as a guide for small incision placements. Then, a small metal tube, a cannula, is inserted under the skin to give the appearance of a raised ab. Excess fat along the drawn lines is then removed using a liposuction approach, ultimately shaping and sculpting  the abs into a desired contour. Depending on the size of the incision, which is typically less than a quarter inch, stitches may be required.

Some common side effects of the surgery may be redness, bruising and swelling. All invasive surgeries run their risks of complications. In this procedure, there is potential for bleeding, excessive scarring and a possibility of infection. It is extremely important to consult with your doctor and make sure you understand all post-operative steps to ensure proper healing.

For more information on Gladiator Abs, contact Dr. Steinbrech’s New York office at (646)-480-7750.

8 Jun 2016

The Latest Trend in Male Plastic Surgery Revealed…

BodyBanking®: The Latest Trend In Male Plastic Surgery

It most likely comes as no surprise that the number of plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures continue to increase in the United States as they become more affordable and less stigmatized-for both men and women. However, in the United States there is always new data and uprising trends suggesting Americans are going under the knife more and more with each passing year. Male patients are also increasing as a leading demographic in a industry once dominated and typically only associated with women.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), there were 15.9 million surgical and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures performed in the United States in 2015, a 2% increase since 2014. The organization published its findings in a report, which analyzed statistics from 2000 to 2015 to track trends across the $12 billion industry.

Although Butt implants were the fastest growing type of cosmetic surgery in 2015, with Americans undergoing 2,540 of these procedures, a 36% uptick from 2014. The number of butt lifts performed also increased by 36% to 4,767 total procedures in 2015.



Another facet of the business that’s changing is the patient base. Men are getting more plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures than ever, and for the first time, men accounted for more than 40% of the total 68,106 breast reduction surgeries performed in the United States, according to the report. That’s a 5% increase over the previous year and a 35% growth in the procedure among men since 2000.

However, now there is a new direction in revolutionary procedures taking the market by storm- BodyBanking®.

What is BodyBanking® You Ask?

BodyBanking® is a new cosmetic plastic surgery procedure developed by Dr. Douglas Steinbrech.  The goal of treatment is to provide the transfering of fat from one part of the body to the other. Using the patient’s own body fat, Dr. Steinbrech is able to implement fat injections in order to transfer and/or remove excess fat. By targeting pockets of fat from unwanted areas and injecting stored fat into new, desired areas of the body, this trend allows top surgeons to sculpt out the perfect physique for their patients. By subtracting fat and enhancing other areas, muscle shadowing becomes a more subtle and effective way to create a built aesthetic.


The Breakdown 

Subtraction Areas:

  • Buccal Fat
  • Neck/Submental
  • Chest Fat
  • Flank Fat
  • Inner Thigh
  • Outer Thigh
  • Upper Abs
  • Lower Abs
  • Knees
  • Ankles
  • Buffalo Hump
  • Upper Arms

Enhancements Include: 

  • Pecs
  • Biceps
  • Triceps
  • Delts
  • Quads
  • Calves
  • Forearms
  • Gladiator Abs
  • Surfer Abs
  • Breast
  • Hips
  • Cheeks
  • Jaw
  • Chin
  • Eyes
  • Glutes

Muscle Shadowing Effects:

  • Abs
  • Pecs
  • Delts
  • Biceps
  • Triceps
  • Calves
  • Forearms

An Individual’s Own Fat Injections…

Body fat makes for an outstanding tissue filler material that involves the transfer of fat from one area of the body to another. Fat injections in NYC can be used to fill and shape areas of the face and body for male patients.  Fat injection is not permanent, and therefore requires maintenance, which is discussed with your doctor during your consultation. Long-lasting results require a healthier lifestyle alternative. The biggest benefit to the procedure is that there is no unnatural implant. A person’s own stored body fat acts as a natural filler. Many patients may be allergic to different formulas, serums, or implanted materials, so this approximately 1 hour method is a solution for individual’s who have not been able to undergo invasive or non-invasive options in the past. Disruption for recovery as well as discomfort are minimal throughout the process and thereafter. Many people return to work and their day to day activities immediately.

A Before and After speaks for itself…









How Does Body Banking Work?

After proper assessment, patients will select a problem area where they are looking for fat to be transferred from. The donor area, as well as the treated area for injection, will both experience application of a local anesthetic. Fluids are then injected into the donor site to begin to enable fat collection.  Once the fat is injected, it is then placed in a syringe and processed for cleaning. Finally the fat is injected into the desired area. The amount of fat injected into the body must be greater than the amount needed, (as fat is absorbed into the body) extra fat cells allow for the right amount of volume for your desired final result.


17 May 2016

Examiner Calls Dr. Steinbrech an Authority in Male Plastic Surgery


Male plastic surgery authority offers implant packages

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Whether you are in LA or NYC, there are different trends which cater to the each market and what defines male “perfection”. Consulting with a advanced and highly-accredited surgeon who specializes in male plastic surgery is the first step in the right direction when considering cosmetic surgery. By doing so, you will gain an extensive amount of helpful information that will give you a better understanding of how the process works and what procedures will suit you and your needs best.




27 Apr 2016

Male Plastic Surgery Packages in New York City


The popularity in male plastic surgery is picking up momentum at a fast rate. Men are now, more than ever, taking control over their bodies and making the changes they feel necessary and comfortable with. With such a wide variety of procedures to pick from, how do you know which is right for you and will give you the results you desire?

Consulting with a knowledgeable surgeon who specializes in male plastic surgery is the first step in the right direction when considering cosmetic surgery. By doing so, you will gain an extensive amount of helpful information that will give you a better understanding of how the process works and what procedures will suit you best and give you the body you so desire.

Dr. Steinbrech now offers implant packages that combine multiple procedures to help you get your desired results. These bundles make it easier and more affordable for patients who want to improve multiple parts of their body and contribute to the overall “image” that the patient is trying to achieve.

The Standard 3 Package: Pectoral. Bicep, and Deltoid

The Big Quarterback Package: Pectoral, Bicep, Deltoid and Calf

The Classic 5 Package: Pectoral, Bicep, Deltoid Calf, and Forearm

The Super 6 Package: Pectoral, Bicep, Deltoid Calf, Forearm, and Quadriceps

The Universal 7 Package: Pectoral, Bicep, Deltoid Calf, Forearm, Quadriceps, and Triceps

The Ultra 8 Package: Pectoral, Bicep, Deltoid Calf, Forearm, Quadriceps, Triceps, and Gluteus Maximus

The Olympia 9 Package: Pectoral, Bicep, Deltoid Calf, Forearm, Quadriceps, Triceps, Gluteus Maximus, and Abdominal 6 Pack.

The Titanic 10 Package: Pectoral, Bicep, Deltoid Calf, Forearm, Quadriceps, Triceps, Gluteus Maximus, Abdominal 6 Pack, and Latissimus Dorsi.

Each package can help an individual obtain the body that they desire, as multiple procedures can accompany and accent each.

Pectoral implant procedures enhance the chest and offers a sculpted, muscular contoured appearance to the upper body. Under general anesthesia, an implant is inserted through a small incision under the armpit for the designated side(s). Once healed, regular routine activity is recommended and all muscle function will be back to normal.

Bicep implants are inserted to increase muscle definition in the upper arm region. This procedure is ideal for men who have issues building muscle mass with regular diet and exercise. This can help improve proportion in the upper body and overall appearance. Each implant is customized to the patient’s desired results. An incision is made in the underarm and the implant is inserted and positioned precisely within the soft tissue. In time, the area that contains fat and muscle will develop scar tissue that acts as a barrier-lock and surrounds the implant to keep it in place.

Deltoid implants are an option for men who are looking to add definition and bulk to their upper arms. This can also improve proportion or correct deformities and reconstruction of the shoulder if the area has been exposed to trauma or injury. This implant, made of solid, soft silicone, is customized and shaped to the appropriate size and inserted carefully. This procedure is ideal for men who lack the genetics to add bulk and definition to the deltoid region.

Calf implants is a great option for men who have a difficult time both growing and sculpting their existing calf muscles. Some find it easier to build mass in their upper body and not the lower half and can result in looking unproportioned. The soft silicone material is customized and inserted through a small incision behind the knee and will result in increased calf size, symmetry and overall confidence.

Forearm implants can help patients gain a full, muscular definition in their arms and restore balance and proportion to their overall appearance. This procedure is ideal for men who are unable to achieve muscle development from their regular workout routine. These implants will give individuals an increased sense of self-confidence and will feel more comfortable rolling up their sleeves and having their shirts off, revealing a balanced, well-toned aesthetic.

Quadricep implants are used to create the appearance of definition and muscle mass in the upper legs, specifically for bodybuilders. This option is ideal for men who want to create proportion throughout their entire body and have existing muscle mass and definition in the upper regions of the body from regular exercise.

Tricep implants will create muscular definition and increased mass in the lower arm region for men that have a difficult time building mass through regular routine exercise. This procedure offers lasting results that aid in balancing the proportion of the upper body.

Gluteus Maximus procedures will help reshape or enlarge the buttocks area giving it a fuller appearance for a balanced profile. By injecting the patients’ own body fat or silicone implants, the surgeon will make up for the deficit of fat deposit in the gluteus. This is ideal for men that are unable to develop gluteal muscles naturally through exercise.

Abdominal 6 pack implants will help get rid of that stubborn belly fat that intense, vigorous diet and exercise cannot achieve due to genetics. This is an alternative procedure to abdominal etching except implants are inserted and strategically placed throughout the abdominal region for a more structured, well defined look.

Latissimus Dorsi implants will create definition in the upper back and increased muscle mass. This procedure is ideal for men who have difficulty building muscle in their back and want to create balance with their existing arms, shoulder and chest size. With latissimus dorsi implants, the client will receive overall proportion to their appearance that they were unable to achieve through regular, rigorous exercise.

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