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BodyBanking® is a plastic surgery procedure developed by Dr. Douglas Steinbrech that allows the transfer of fat from one part of the body to the other.  Dr. Steinbrech is a strong advocate for Selective Fat Transfer when performing liposuction procedures. This allows for the number of fat cells to remain fairly constant which prevents disproportionate fat growth if there is weight gain in the future. Common areas for selective fat transfer are the pectorals, glutes,  biceps, triceps, shoulders, and calves.

What Is BodyBanking ®?

BodyBanking®, akin to fat grafting, is a cosmetic procedure in plastic surgery that involves removing fat from specific areas of the body and then reinserting it into other regions to enhance volume, refine contours, or achieve better proportionality. Typically, surplus fat is sourced from donor sites like the flanks (commonly known as love handles), abdomen, and lower abdomen. In conventional liposuction procedures, these fat cells are simply discarded. However, in BodyBanking®, the harvested fat cells undergo a process of purification and isolation, transforming them into a natural injectable substance. This approach not only enhances the physique but also caters specifically to the needs of men, aiming for a more masculine appearance and balanced proportions.

How Does BodyBanking® Work?

BodyBanking® can complement liposuction or stand alone as a separate procedure without the need for incisions. When performed independently from liposuction, the process starts with the application of a numbing agent to the donor and treatment sites. Subsequently, fat collection commences at the donor sites using a small needle to extract fat cells. Following extraction, the fat undergoes purification before being loaded into a syringe and injected into the targeted areas of the body.

If the patient opts for liposuction alongside BodyBanking®, the procedure initiates with the administration of a solution containing saline, epinephrine, and a local anesthetic. Subsequently, a small tube, referred to as a cannula, is inserted beneath the skin. The surgeon employs a gentle sawing motion to break up the fat while simultaneously suctioning it out. Following this, the extracted fat is cleansed and reintroduced into the body.

In both approaches, it’s important for patients to understand that a larger quantity of fat will be injected into the body than what is strictly necessary. Nonetheless, the final outcome will align with the patient’s desired volume as the fat gradually integrates into the body. It’s important that when considering this procedure to search for the best fat grafting doctor for men in NYC.

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What Is the Recovery Time for Fat Grafting?

The duration of the surgical procedure typically ranges around one hour, depending on whether liposuction is included. Following BodyBanking®, there is generally minimal downtime, although patients should anticipate swelling, bruising, and tenderness during the initial 48 hours. Patients undergoing both liposuction and BodyBanking® might require drainage tubes, antibiotics, and compression garments. It’s advisable to refrain from strenuous activities for about 30 days. Complete resolution of swelling and attainment of final results may take several months. The outcomes are individualized, influenced by factors such as the amount of harvested fat and the injection sites on the body, which also impact the longevity of the results.

BodyBanking® Patient Case Study

BodyBanking® Patient Case Study

In the case of Patient 3481 above, you can see just how the procedure works. During your prep and consultation, your fat grafting surgeon will mark the harvest points and also locations where the fat will be injected, shadowing the muscle.

Patient BodyBanking® Color Chart
Patient BodyBanking® Color Chart

What Is MuscleShadowing®?

Dr. Steinbrech uses his unique MuscleShadowing® technique. MuscleShadowing® creates more definition around the specific muscle groups:  deltoids, biceps, triceps, chest, quads, and calves.

The Benefits of BodyBanking®

  • Body fat is a natural filler
  • The time of procedure is an average of 1 hour
  • Injections may last anywhere from a few months to permanently
  • There is little to no downtime or disruption in daily routine
  • Any discomfort is minimal
  • Because fat is from the patient’s own body, no pre-testing is required and the fat cannot be rejected
  • Cost-effective when combined with liposuction

Fat Grafting Cost in NYC

Fat grafting can cost within a range of $5,000 to $20,000 per patient. However, this highly depends on the areas where the fat is being transferred as well as the amount of fat cells in use.

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