BodyBanking® – Turn Fat to Fit®!

One thing is for sure, this is not your grandfather’s liposuction., it’sBodyBanking® — a technique that is dramatically changing the landscape of liposuction!

BodyBanking® is simple – we take unwanted fat cells from an area of the body that you wish were smaller and re-insert it in an area of the body you want to see enhanced.

What we DON’T do with fat:

  • We don’t throw away fat
  • We don’t laser fat
  • We don’t burn fat
  • We don’t freeze fat

What we DO with fat:

We process it and use it to enhance the natural muscular contour you desire in many different parts of your body!


Places most people want to take fat away from:

Buccal Fat
Chest Fat
Flank Fat
Inner Thigh
Outer Thigh
Upper/Lower Abs
Upper Arms
Buffalo Hump
Kangaroo Pouch

Places most people would like to enhance:

Gladiator Abs
Surfer Abs

The SAD news about your grandfather’s old-style liposuction is ….

If you destroy fat cells with other forms of liposuction you lose them! They just go away. When you ingest the normal dietary fatty acids all the places where you have always had “unwanted fat” simply get bigger! Like your face and cheek area!

The GOOD news ….

You don’t have to destroy the fat – you can BANK IT! This way when you ingest the normal dietary fatty acids those areas where we “transferred fat to” will be enhanced!

Interested in learning more about BodyBanking®? Please contact Dr. Steinbrech’s office to receive additional information or call
646-949-0130 to speak to one of our Patient Advisors to see if  BodyBanking® is right for you.


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