Bodybuilder Season is about to Strike! Check out the Sculpting Procedures that Help a Bodybuilder Bulk Up and Lean Out

8 Mar 2016

Bodybuilder Season is about to Strike! Check out the Sculpting Procedures that Help a Bodybuilder Bulk Up and Lean Out

shutterstock_96813160Sometimes the process of bodybuilding and working out is not enough. You need a little cosmetic help. Fortunately, you can obtain six-pack abs and developed biceps without resulting to steroids or long and strenuous hours in the gym. While it is still important to work out, it does not hurt to obtain some assistance from augmentation or sculpting therapies.

You may be a bodybuilder who is competitive or a man who wants more definition for your bodybuilding efforts. Commonly requested bodybuilder procedures include high-defintiion lipo-sculpting of the abs, high-definition pec enhancement and gluteal enhancement. The liposuction or liposculpting that is performed is done to remove the undesirable fat that stubbornly does not respond to exercise or diet. If you want the ultimate bodybuilder physique, then liposuction or liposculpting is a viable solution.

What to Expect

When a bodybuilder patient opts for high-definition liposuction to enhance the look of his abdominals, he will need to wear a compression garment, use drainage tubes or take antibiotics while healing. Usually, the recovery process goes well as patients normally return to work or other act ivies in only a few days. However, medical professionals recommend that strenuous exercise by avoided for a month.

Pec Enhancement

If you want to define your pectoral muscles, implants are suggested for bodybuilding candidates who cannot seem to develop their chest as they would like with regular bodybuilding routines. If you want to look your best, then pectoral implants may be the answer. Implants can also be added to the biceps to enhance the muscles in this area. Most bodybuilding candidates either opt for abdominal sculpting or pec enhancement to supplement their workout activities.

To define the pecs, the enhancement surgery involves creating a small incision in the area of the armpit. The implants that are used are kept intact by the pectoralis muscle. Muscle functioning is not impaired, permitting a patient to freely exercise after healing. Unlike the implants that are used for female patients, these implants are not filled and therefore feel firm to the touch.

Gluteal Augmentation

Bodybuilder candidates who wish to re-define their buttocks may find gluteal enhancement the right solution. The procedure offers a more balanced profile by augmenting the buttocks with silicone implants or with injections of a patient’s body fat.

Usually, bodybuilders opt for gluteal enhancement when they cannot develop their gluteal muscles to the point that they are proportionate with the rest of the body. The most common technique for gluteal enhancement is the transfer of fat. Fat grafting or fat injection is proven to be an effective and safe process which also provides natural results.

After gluteal augmentation, patients are told not to sit down or lie on their back for about three weeks. A special compression garment is worn in order to lessen swelling. Swelling is a normal post-procedure result as is some bruising and discomfort. Patients usually return to their daily activities or work in about three weeks after the augmentation. The swelling subsides after about six weeks.

Do you want to make a resolution for a better body this spring? Then you need to make a consultation now and not later. Be your best self and be fabulous at any age.



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