Men looking to enhance or reshape their buttocks can consider gluteal augmentation to achieve a fuller and more proportionate profile, particularly if they lack sufficient fat deposits in the area. This procedure can involve the use of silicone gluteal implants for men.

Gluteal augmentation is often sought by bodybuilders who struggle to develop gluteal muscles that complement their physique. For individuals unable to attain their desired appearance through conventional methods like weightlifting, exercise, and diet,  the utilization of gluteal implants in NYC has gained popularity. While it’s commonly associated with bodybuilders, men of various sizes opt for gluteal augmentation to boost confidence or attain a more youthful physique.

What Are Gluteal Implants?

Male gluteal implants are specifically engineered silicone devices intended to enhance the appearance of men’s buttocks by replicating the natural contours and sensation of muscle tissue. This procedure entails the insertion of silicone implants or the injection of the patient’s body fat to augment the volume and shape of the buttocks, ultimately leading to a more aesthetically pleasing contour. Individuals who find it challenging to attain their desired buttock shape and definition through exercise or non-invasive methods may choose this option. Moreover, gluteal implants are favored among bodybuilders aiming to harmonize the appearance of their gluteal muscles with the rest of their physique.

Gluteal Implants - Before And After

How Does Surgical Gluteal Implants Entail?

Buttock implants are customized to match the preferences of each patient in terms of size and contour. Made from silicone, these implants offer a natural look and texture. The surgical positioning is carefully chosen to guarantee maximum comfort and aesthetic results, leading to a long-term enhancement of the buttock area unless they are removed. The procedure is conducted under general anesthesia and usually takes around two hours. Dr. Steinbrech and the expert men’s aesthetics team at Alpha Male Plastic Surgery, skillfully make incisions in inconspicuous areas on the buttocks to minimize any visible scarring.


Before and After Photos of Butt Implants for Guys

View before and after photos of NYC male patients who had buttocks (gluteal) implant surgery performed by Dr. Douglas Steinbrech. Click on each image to view the larger photo.

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The Recovery Process for Buttock Implants

Following buttock implants, it’s advisable to refrain from sitting or lying on your back for approximately three weeks post-procedure. Compression garments are provided to alleviate swelling, which is a common occurrence, along with some bruising or discomfort. Typically, male patients in NYC can resume work duties within two to three weeks after buttock implants and gluteal augmentation, with swelling expected to completely subside after six weeks.

Cost of Butt Implants for Guys in NYC

The average cost of male butt implants in NYC starts at $7,000. However, the price can increase depending on the size and shape of the implants used and the surgical fees associated with the process.

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