Calf Implants Boost Body Image Without the Grind

Male ballet dancers have amazing calves, you can to

Calf Implants boost body image, so if you are trying to beef up, you know how hard it is to add bulk and definition to the calf area; many men eventually give up when results fail to show up even after lifting leg weights for days and months.

With calf implants, you can add muscles to this area and flaunt a more proportionate body without sweating it out needlessly.  Surgery is best during the fall or winter; when there is a nip in the air you’ll want to dress in something warmer than shorts and tees. The long pants will deftly conceal the bandages during the short calf implant surgery recovery period.

What is a Calf Implant Surgery?

Calf implants are made of a soft material that makes them flexible, so your movements are not restricted and your legs look naturally muscular. During the calf implant surgery, the surgeon will make a small incision in the area behind your knees where there is a natural dip. He then fashions a pocket between the muscle and fat tissues to place the implants. The scar tissue that forms after the surgery encloses the implants and keeps them in place. The area operated is sutured and bandaged. The procedure takes about an hour and you don’t have to stay at the hospital.

The size of calf implants varies. Your surgeon will decide the best size for you to match the proportions in the rest of your body. The goal of the surgery is to craft an aesthetically pleasing appearance, NOT make you look like you are walking around in somebody else’s legs.

The calf implant surgery recovery period is short. You can resume normal low-stress activities just a few days after surgery and more demanding physical activities after some weeks. There are almost no calf implant surgery side effects. As with all other surgeries, some swelling, bruising, and soreness are common in the days after the procedure, but they subside over time. These are minor, and it is recommended that you walk around with some support after three to five days. The scars too fade away. Of course, all the healing occurs under the cover of your long pants, so no one will know that you have done something to your legs.

Before and after photos of calf Implants for men

Who Are Candidates for Calf Surgery?

Healthy men who are dissatisfied with the size of their legs and can’t add bulk to the area even after exercising for months are the ideal candidates for calf implant surgery. Calf implants not only impart a proportionate look to your body by balancing out your hunky torso but also give you more confidence. You  will get the look you want when performed by an inexperienced and board-certified surgeon

Calf implants are also ideal for those people who have thin or deformed legs and feel self-conscious about exposing them.

The physical and emotional benefits of calf implant surgery far outweigh the calf implant cost. You can flaunt an enviable muscular and well-defined body without sweating it out at some expensive gym or getting sore legs lifting heavy weights. The minimal and temporary side effects seem inconsequential to the boost in self-esteem that comes from enhancing your appearance. Now that you will wear long pants for some time grab this opportunity to go in for a calf implant surgery and give those skinny legs a drool-worthy makeover.

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