Chest Implants for Men

25 Jun 2014

Chest Implants for Men

While diet and exercise definitely improve your health and body, at times, there are certain parts of the body that don’t look the way you prefer. Men who are seeking muscular and sculpted contour in their chest are ideal candidates for pec implants.

Male pectoral implants come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. During your consultation with Dr. Douglas Steinbrech at his clinic in NYC, you will discuss the many options to see which size and shape is best suited for your chest. The goal is to have a natural looking muscular chest. The pec implants are durable, smooth and have are naturally firm to the touch. They are made to last a lifetime. Dr. Steinbrech will allow you to see how each size and shape will look on your body. This is an important process and your choice is essential to the outcome you desire. You should discuss your ultimate goal of how you want to look post surgery during this consultation. Always consider the advice your surgeon offers during your consultation. This will help you make your choice wisely and find the perfect pectoral implant for your body shape.

As a man ages, his body changes and in the future, there is a possibility that the chest implants may need to be replaced to enhance the chest and give it a natural look. Not all patients will need replacement.

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia in the surgeon’s office. A small incision in the armpit area is the entry point for the implants to be inserted and placed carefully into the chest area. The implants are kept in place by the pectoralis muscle. The small incision is then sutured up and is not easily seen due to its precise placement in the armpit area.

After surgery, you can expect to experience soreness for a few days. Average patients are usually able to resume light activity about one week after surgery. Dr. Steinbrech will advise you that full activity and exercise is restricted for up to six weeks. It is highly recommended to get a ride home after surgery. You will not be able to drive due to soreness. You will be advised on how to care for yourself at home and provided with a prescription of pain medication due to experiencing moderate pain from the surgery. You will also be required to wear an elastic bandage and to stay hydrated. A follow-up visit will be scheduled by Dr. Steinbrech and his staff.

Full recovery takes up to at least six weeks and you will be advise on your healing process and when it is ok for you to resume your exercise routine and other activities that you were restricted from during the recovery process.

After the recovery process is complete, patients have found to have improved self esteem and begin participating in sports events as well as feeling confident with their shirt off outdoors. Begin your journey to a more chiseled, defined looking chest by making your appointment with Dr. Douglas Steinbrech today.



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