Dr. Steinbrech Created Forbes Inspired Millennials

15 Jan 2016

Dr. Steinbrech Created Forbes Inspired Millennials

12540647_10100334469358335_2976070247886654215_nForbes featured the most important trends for business-minded millennials to follow in 2016… Dr. Steinbrech provided credible insight for young readers seeking to gain an edge on the competition. Read full article here…

2) Niche businesses more routinely outperforming broader-visioned ones.

In a day and age where so much noise fills our airwaves, it is becoming more difficult to get a consumer’s attention and less helpful to be a one-stop shop. Instead companies will continue leveraging targeted ads, the ability to focus on niche markets or clientele, and the freedom to create new categories of products and services that become ever more specific and made with only a small amount of people in mind originally.

Take for example Dr. Douglas Steinbrech and his male plastic surgery practice in New York. Because of how niche Dr. Steinbrech’s services are – he only does aesthetic surgeries for men who want to look younger and more attractive instead of reparative surgeries –  he’s quickly becoming known as the go-to surgeon for men who want to take on the body types of either a male model, a bodybuilder, an athletic dad, or a confident CEO. Businesses like Dr. Steinbrech’s practice will only become more common this year as utilizing our global connectivity to amplify your company’s uniqueness and speak directly to the small percentage of people that will go absolutely crazy for what you have to offer becomes easier than ever before.

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