Dr. Steinbrech Featured by Courtney Rubin of The NY Times

4 Dec 2014

Dr. Steinbrech Featured by Courtney Rubin of The NY Times

Of course, Dr. Steinbrech would be a top reference featured in the widespread and highly credible media source, the New York Times. Dr. Steinbrech addresses the growing trend in male plastic surgery.

Jawline procedures are voraciously climbing up spots for top billing in the most requested of surgical enhancements, second to liposuction. He attributes the steady climb of this new trend to the popularity and abundance of superhero driven films and the “crop of granite-jawed actors” who play them. Actors like Chris Pratt of “Guardians of the Galaxy” exude a level of masculinity that attracts attention from everyone. Audiences line-up for these movies as they are enamored with idea of superheros and the physical achievements of the actors. Superhero films create such a draw within the genre that they even have the capability to catapult these actors to fame, as they become the ideal for cosmetic aesthetics.

Men seemingly shy away from that “Bruce Jenner” botched, soft, feminine look and even use him as a point of reference of how they do not want to look. The results of a chiseled chin that comes from various jawline procedures give off the impression that the unknown of what is underneath, lies a body armored in a superhero outfit. Dr. Steinbrech leads the industry in the top innovative procedures among his male clients. He truly understands the desire to achieve this look and how to provide treatments that serve a purpose and successfully feed your expectations. After all, who doesn’t want to look like a superhero?

New York Times: Jaw Makeovers for the Surgery-Averse, Superhero-Inspired Man



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