Fat Injection (Body)

Fat Injections (Body) in NYC

Body fat makes for an outstanding tissue filler material that involves the transfer of fat from one area of the body to another. Fat injections in NYC can be used to fill and shape areas of the face and body for male patients.  Fat injection is not permanent, and therefore requires maintenance, which is discussed with your doctor during your consultation.

Fat Injections With Body Banking 

Body Banking is one of the safest ways to receive fat injections into your body. With Body Banking, Dr. Steinbrech removes your own body fat via liposuction, sanitizes it, and uses it as a natural filler for any body part you choose. This gives patients a hypoallergenic option that remains as natural and effective as traditional fat injections.

How It Works

The donor area and the treatment area are first injected with local anesthetic. Fluids are then injected into the donor site to enable fat collection.  Once the fat is injected, it is then placed in a syringe and processed to be cleaned. Finally the fat is injected into the desired area. The amount of fat injected into the body must be greater than the amount needed, (as fat is absorbed into the body) extra fat cells allow for the right amount of volume for your desired final result.

The Benefits of Fat Injections:

  • Body fat is a natural filler
  • Time of procedure is an average 1 hour
  • Injections may last anywhere from a few months to permanently
  • There is little to no downtime or disruption in daily routine
  • Any discomfort is minimal
  • Because fat is from the patient’s own body, no pre-testing is required and the fat cannot be rejected
  • Good alternative if the patient is allergic to bovine collagen.
  • Cost effective if combined with another procedure like lipoplasty (liposuction)

What to Consider

  • Permanence  of results vary for each individual
  • Side effects of minor swelling and/or bruising may occur; however they typically subside after 2 days

For more information about fat injections in NYC, please call (646) 480-7750 or visit Dr. Steinbrech’s clinic to set up your no-obligation  consultation today.


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