Fat Injections (Body)

Body Fat Injections

What Are Body Fat Injections?

Body fat injections are a cosmetic procedure also referred to as “fat transfer” or “fat grafting. It is gaining traction among men in New York who want to achieve a better body shape. Body fat injections or “autologous fat transplantation” are an effective way to transfer a person’s excess body fat to another part of the body. This is a simple and minimally invasive procedure. 

Body fat has excellent soft tissue material that can be used as a filler to add volume and contour to certain parts of the body. This includes, but is not limited to the abdomen, hips, buttocks, and calves. This procedure also works effectively to fill out scarred areas in a body. Fat injection is not a permanent process and may require maintenance from time to time. Dr. Steinbrech is listed as Forbes’ go-to surgeon for men. With his trademark procedure, BodyBanking, fat transfer has never been easier for male patients.

How Are Fat Injections Performed?

During the fat injection procedure, the surgeon removes the excess fat from a certain area of the body, such as the hips, thighs, or abdomen. Subsequently, he/she prepares the autologous fat before re-injecting it into specific areas of the body that lack volume and fullness. Body fat injections for restoring body volume are one of the most cutting-edge developments in the domain of aesthetic surgery in recent times.

Before starting the procedure, the surgeon injects an anesthetic both on the donor site and the target area. On top of it, the doctor also injects intravenous (IV) fluids into the donor site to collect fat smoothly. The process involves extracting fat cells using a tiny needle attached to a syringe. Then the fat is processed to remove extra fluids and re-injected using another needle in the target area.

A series of observations have shown that body fat injections are not only great for restoring and increasing the volume and shape of different areas of the body but may also improve the skin in the injected areas. Due to this, fat injections have become a major weapon to fight off visible signs of aging.

Benefits of Fat Injections

  • Body fat injections are a natural and non-allergenic procedure. Generally, an outpatient procedure takes about an hour.
  • It is a minimally invasive procedure.
  • There is nearly no or little downtime.
  • Patients have zero or minimal discomfort, which can easily be controlled with medicines.
  • Fat injections may last several months.
  • Since fat is transferred from the patient’s body only, no other testing is required and the fat does not get rejected.
  • This procedure is a good option if the patient has an allergy to bovine collagen.
  • It is economical if combined with a procedure like lipoplasty.

Who Is A Candidate for Fat Injections?

Individuals in NYC who wish to enhance the volume or contour of certain parts of their body are ideal candidates for body fat injections. Patients with an asymmetric body or have other irregularities because of birth defects or who had a botched-up reconstruction in the past can also benefit from fat transfer. Since the surgeon takes out fat from one area and injects it into another, patients’ overall physique improves through fat grafting.

To be suitable for fat transfer, potential candidates should fulfill a few conditions. For example, patients should have good health, and they should inform the surgeon of any history of smoking habit, or pre-existing condition beforehand. Besides, there should be enough fat present in the patient’s body to transfer to another part of the body.

It is also crucial for patients who are thinking of undergoing a fat transfer to understand that they may need multiple sessions to achieve full correction of the contour. On top of it, fat transfer is not interchangeable with other procedures like breast implants because it is not feasible to accomplish things like breast reshaping or size enhancement with fat transfer alone.

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Fat transfer using body fat injections is a unique procedure that can sculpt many areas of an individual’s body. If you want to avoid the risks of traditional surgical implants or fix failed reconstructions, fat transfer can be an excellent option. To get more information on body fat injections, you can consult Dr. Steinbrech, who is a pioneer in this field. Book a Fat Injection consultation in NYC here after checking your location.

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