Facial Fat Injections for Men in NYC

What are Facial Fat Injections?

Facial fat injections offer a valuable technique for enhancing and sculpting various areas of the face and body. Utilizing body fat as a tissue filler presents an excellent approach involving the transfer of fat from one part of the body to another. It’s important to note that some fat injections are not permanent, and their maintenance is a topic discussed during the consultation with your physician. This procedure can be a cost-effective option for men, particularly when combined with treatments like liposuction.

Facial Fat Injections for men

BodyBanking®, a method developed by board-certified Dr. Steinbrech, stands out as one of the safest and most efficient approaches for administering fat injections to the body. BodyBanking® enables a selective fat transfer, eliminating unwanted fat from one area and redistributing it to another that may require augmentation. When it comes to facial fat injections, BodyBanking® offers a more natural alternative to synthetic fillers. Notably, this technique helps maintain a relatively consistent number of fat cells, preventing disproportionate fat growth in the event of future weight gain, as documented in Dr. Steinbrech’s NYC case study.

How Do Facial Fat Injections Work?

Following the determination of the treatment area and donor site, often the buttocks or abdomen for male patients, the procedure begins by administering a local anesthetic to both areas. The donor site is then infused with fluids to facilitate the collection of fat. Once the fat is extracted, it is carefully placed into a syringe and subjected to a cleaning process. Subsequently, the cleaned fat is injected into the targeted area.

It’s important to note that the quantity of fat injected into the body should surpass the amount required because, on average, only about 50% of the injected fat will survive the transfer. As the body gradually absorbs some of the fat, the extra fat cells help achieve the desired final volume. The entire procedure typically takes around 1 hour to complete, and the effects of the injections can vary in duration, lasting from a few months to a permanent outcome.

Facial Fat Injections for menWho Is a Good Candidate for Fat Injections?

The best candidates for fat injections are patients looking to improve upon areas that may be lacking, especially if there is a region they’re treating with liposuction (such as the abdomen or buttocks). In addition, facial fat injections are ideal for patients seeking a natural alternative to synthetic injections. No pre-testing is needed as the fat used is from the patient’s own body and, therefore cannot be rejected. It is also a good alternative if the patient is allergic to bovine collagen. It’s important to search for the best facial fat injector in NYC who specializes in men’s aesthetic when considering this procedure.

Facial Fat Injections Cost

At Alpha Male Plastic Surgery in NYC, the comprehensive expense for facial fat grafting, encompassing both the liposuction and fat transfer aspects of the procedure, generally ranges from $3,000 to $7,500. It’s important to remember that each patient’s facial contours are different and estimates may be different for each patient.

Facial Fat Injections Recovery Time

While patients may experience slight, temporary discomfort in the donor area, there is little to no downtime following a facial fat injection. In fact, most male patients see no disruption of their daily routines. Side effects of minor swelling and/or bruising may occur. However, these symptoms typically subside after 2 days. In some cases, patients may need another visit as not all transfers are permanent. 

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