Join our BodyBanking® Webinar presented by Dr. Douglas Steinbrech

Join our BodyBanking® Webinar presented by Dr. Douglas Steinbrech

Expand your knowledge and learn more about the new plastic surgery procedure BodyBanking® developed by the leading surgeon specializing in male platonic surgery, Dr. Douglas Steinbrech. Register today below for our free BodyBanking® webinar on Tuesday, July 25th, 2017 at 5pm. EST covering all topics related to this new procedure.

Register today for an upcoming live BodyBanking® webinar. 

What is BodyBanking®?

BodyBanking® is a plastic surgery procedure developed by Dr. Douglas Steinbrech, which allows the transfer of fat from one part of the body to the other. Using patient’s own body fat, Dr. Steinbrech is able to use fat injections to transfer and remove fat from unwanted parts and inject it in the desired areas of the body to sculpt out the perfect physique.

One thing is for sure, this is not your grandfather’s liposuction. BodyBanking® is a technique that is dramatically changing the landscape of liposuction! Designed by Dr. Douglas Steinbrech, leading board certified surgeon specializing solely in male plastic surgery.

BodyBanking® is simple – we take unwanted fat cells from an area of the body that you wish were smaller and re-insert it in an area of the body you want to see enhanced.

BodyBanking® Before and After Photo Gallery

View BodyBanking® before and after photos that were performed by Dr. Douglas Steinbrech.

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