Korean (K-Pop) Plastic Surgery for Men

Korean (K-Pop) Plastic Surgery for Men in NYC


Korean (K-Pop) plastic surgery

The influence of K-pop, Korean pop stars who have undergone plastic surgery to enhance their looks, has encouraged Korean men to seek their enhancements. Dr. Douglas Steinbrech specializes in Korean (K-Pop) plastic surgery for men in NYC and other patients worldwide. Common requests by male Korean patients include facelifts, upper and lower eyelift, chin and jaw augmentation, neck lifts, botox, fillers, and rhinoplasty. All of these procedures are available at Manhattan Plastic Surgery for Men. Dr. Douglas Steinbrech is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons under the American Board of Medical Specialties.

The Korean Association for Plastic Surgeons estimated that the number of Korean men who have had cosmetic surgery stood at around 15% of the population in South Korea. It is also well known that about 44% of Korean male college students have either already undergone plastic surgery or have plans to undergo a procedure in the future.


Some of the popular procedures for Korean plastic surgery for men include:

  • Upper and lower eyelift
  • Chin/jaw augmentation
  • Facelift
  • Necklift
  • Nose job (rhinoplasty)

Korean (K-Pop) Plastic Surgery for Men in NYCDr. Steinbrech’s office has seen a tremendous increase in inquiries regarding plastic surgery from Korean men in New York City and worldwide. Each patient has unique requests and is excited to see the available options. One of the most common requests is to have the bridge of the nose raised and the eye lifted.

In addition to plastic surgery of the face, men are also inquiring about bicep and calf implants and a variety of other procedures, such as coolsculpting, pec implants, liposuction, and fat injections. When body sculpting procedures such as bicep, calf, and pec implants are discussed, the size of the implants is precisely chosen to fit the body and provide an overall balanced look.

New York has a large Korean community with men seeking to change or improve their looks. While the younger generation may be influenced by Western music and K-pop stars, other men within the community may be looking for a change in their looks for a variety of other reasons.


Some men seek to improve their looks for personal reasons or to obtain the desired look they have always wanted, one that resembles their favorite K-Pop Superstars and personalities they see in the media. Others may see plastic surgery as a way to boost self-confidence and self-esteem, which will show through their personality and assist them in going further in their careers. Improved self-confidence from plastic surgery radiates through the person’s personality and how they carry themselves.


Each potential patient must attend an initial consultation with Dr. Douglas Steinbrech in his office in NYC to discuss specific goals and the desired look the patient wants to achieve; before and after, photos will be taken so that he can further study the details of your face for the best results. During the consultation, the plastic surgeon will advise the patient on what procedure is necessary to achieve the desired look, in addition to the procedure best suited to the patient. The overall goal of the plastic surgeon is to balance out facial features so that the outcome is natural looking and fits and blends well with the other features of the face.

Fly-In Program

For patients traveling from out of town to see Dr. Steinbrech for (K-Pop) Korean plastic surgery, our staff will try to accommodate you with our fly-in program. Our office is conveniently located 20 minutes South of John F. Kennedy International Airport, 15 minutes from La Guardia National Airport, 35 minutes from Newark International Airport, and 15 minutes from Teterboro private airport. We have a dedicated staff who are used to dealing with out-of-town/country patients who fly in from Seoul, Busan Incheon, and other areas of South Korea. In the last ten years, we have had patients from all over the globe who have come for different procedures with successful outcomes.


Dr. Steinbrech and his staff will discuss each potential K-pop procedure in detail and provide critical information such as recovery time. Each procedure has a different recovery time and may require the patient to take prescribed pain medication for a specific time. It is highly recommended to arrange for time off of work and make arrangements for other responsibilities that may require attention during the healing process. The duration of recovery time depends on the extent of surgery you have. Most patients who underwent a K-Pop surgery can travel 3-7 days following surgery.

In addition to cosmetic procedures, patients tend to improve and change their hair and clothing styles. The combination of the cosmetic procedures, a new sense of style, and their newfound self-esteem results in what appears to be a total body makeover. Family and friends quickly notice a change and improvement in attitude and self-esteem after the patient has healed from the procedure.

To schedule your (K-Pop) Korean plastic surgery in NYC, please get in touch with the offices of Dr. Douglas Steinbrech by calling 646-949-0130 or by filling out the contact form to receive more information.



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