Love Handles Liposuction

Love Handles Liposuction in NYC


This liposuction procedure might be your solution when exercise and diet are not enough to rid yourself of that tire surrounding your waist, beer belly, or love handles area. Board-certified plastic surgeon in NYC Dr. Douglas Steinbrech, specializes in plastic surgery for men.

Male plastic surgery procedures have gained significant popularity in recent years, with liposuction for love handles emerging as a sought-after solution for men seeking to enhance their physical appearance. Love handles, also known as the flanks or muffin tops, are stubborn pockets of fat that tend to accumulate on the sides of the waistline. Liposuction is a minimally invasive surgical procedure designed to address this concern by removing excess fat deposits and sculpting a more masculine contour. During the procedure, small incisions are strategically made near the targeted area through which a thin tube called a cannula is inserted. This specialized instrument gently suctions out unwanted fat cells while preserving surrounding tissues and blood vessels. The advanced techniques utilized in modern liposuction ensure minimal scarring and downtime while delivering remarkable results that can boost self-confidence and redefine one’s silhouette.

View images below of before and after procedures performed by Dr. Steinbrech.

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