Male Ideal Body Type in NYC

23 Jul 2015

Male Ideal Body Type in NYC

A question to all the men out there: What would you define as the “perfect body”? Is it a strong David Beckham face? Would it include a super sculpted Ryan Gosling torso and big Hugh Jackman biceps? Or perhaps those lean Frank Lampert legs? Actually, results from a study show that below is the differences defining the perfect male body- according to men vs. women at least. To men, the ideal body falls nothing short to that of a juiced up gladiator with ripped washboard abs and big muscles that would make any lady swoon over him and ride off into the sunset. But if this is the ideal body for men, then why don’t we see much of this type of guy running around more often?

Realistically speaking, this gladiator body combo is one in a million. Not only do you have to have a super strict and committed lifestyle of exercise and diet, you unfortunately also have to have good genetics. This shape doesn’t come naturally to men very often.

Fortunately for you men out there today, we live in an era where male plastic surgery is getting the recognition it finally deserves. For decades, plastic surgery was coined for helping women achieve their desired body shapes, and now men could achieve their desired results as well. Male plastic surgery is performed with masculine features in mind, leaving you feeling nothing less than confident and sexy with your results.  So men, the once practically untouchable gladiator body is waiting for you right around the corner!

Some of you must be thinking, “This is what MEN want! Screw that, I want what the LADIES like!” Luckily for you men out there who live to impress the ladies, the mentioned study above also took note of what women think is the ideal male body shape.  While men preferred the beefy and large body type, women opted for a more slender but equally as chiseled David Gandy torso, Brad Pitt biceps, and David Beckham legs. Not to mention they also preferred a more scruffy face, giving praise to the one and only Jamie Dornan.

Regardless of what look you’re ultimately trying to achieve, male plastic surgery can certainly help you get there. With endless procedures and infinitely as many possible results, cosmetic surgery will leave all the other guys wondering how you did it and will leave all the ladies looking at you a little longer than usual.

And where there’s good news, there’s always more good news. New York-based surgeon Dr. Steinbrech specializes specifically in male plastic surgery and male cosmetic procedures. Recognizing that not all men are after the same body shape, Dr. Steinbrech dedicates a big portion of his cosmetic work to help men feel confident with their bodies, regardless of what their ultimate body goals are. From bodybuilder and male model to athletic dads and CEO/boardroom men, Dr. Steinbrech can help you attain your body aspirations.

Whether you’re looking to feel confident in yourself or merely trying to impress the lovely ladies in your life, male plastic surgery is definitely a tool that can help you achieve your end goals. Don’t feel trapped in a body you feel nothing less than confident and sexy in. Cosmetic procedures have been dominating the women’s scene for years, but now it’s time for men to see what all the hype is about.



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