Male Model Makeover®

Male Model Makeover ®

A male model makeover sounds competitive, but so is New York City — often called the “greatest city in the world” known for its fast-paced lifestyle. As Frank Sinatra and Liza Minelli crowed often, “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.” To be a man in the Big Apple means to be able to compete in every single aspect of life, including your overall appearance. Simply put, this city can spell career and dating trouble if you’re a guy. To get the very best treatment and opportunities, you can benefit by enhancing your appearance.  Male Plastic Surgery expert Dr. Steinbrech makes it possible to do so through his trademarked, incredibly popular Male Model Makeover® a non-invasive procedure that takes just 10 minutes.

What Is The Male Model Makeover ®?

Dr. Steinbrech created the Male Model Makeover® as a quick and easy way to contour and chisel a man’s face. Using non-invasive facial fillers, Dr. Steinbrech adds volume in key points that add masculinity and help downplay facial flaws. The entire procedure is almost immediately visible, requires no downtime, and also takes a total of 10 minutes. The fillers last a total of 18 months, sometimes more, results vary by patient.

Why Get A Male Model Makeover®?

The Male Model Makeover® is a procedure that offers immediate results.  It gives men a masculine face, adds proportionality, and also helps men achieve a more youthful appearance. If you have a weak jawline or have had issues with the shape of your face, this may be the right procedure for you.

How Does The Male Model Makeover® Work?

The entire makeover takes just 10 minutes. During the procedure, there’s no need for a local anesthetic or numbing agents because the filler product contains lidocaine. Dr. Steinbrech uses a variety of injectables scringes depending on which area of your face the patient would like to enhance. The Male Model Makeover® typically focuses on the chin, jaw, and cheekbones depending on each patient’s individual goals.

Are You A Candidate?

As a man ages, his jawline grows forward. It continues to grow until around your 25th or 26th birthday. After that, your jawline begins to recede. The Male Model Makeover® enhances the features that are receding or lacking. Though many men in New York City area have wanted to get a Male Model Makeover®, not all men are candidates. The ideal candidate will be a man who wants to have a more chiseled face is in reasonably good health and still retains elasticity in his skin.

Book Your Consultation

You can book your Male Model Makeover® consultation by calling Dr. Steinbrech’s New York City office directly at 646-949-0130 or make an appointment online.

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