Men: The Pressure to Look Good in NYC

24 Dec 2013

Men: The Pressure to Look Good in NYC

Dr-Douglas-SteinbrechA recent study has shown that men, more than ever, are feeling the pressure to get the ‘ideal body’. When discussing body image and the media most often it is in regards to females-yet billboards, magazines, and movie posters all over NYC show males with the ‘perfect body’.

While certain occupations (such as actors or male models) require a physical expectation others may imply an unsaid physical expectation (such as high-end retail stores or sales positions). Furthermore, and even more taboo, are the rarely discussed expectations for men in corporate positions. Today, men are feeling the pressure to look good all across the board and Male Plastic Surgery NYC can help.

It is no secret that people who take care of their personal appearance may have an easier time getting ahead- with relationships, promotions and generally getting what they want. But before loathing those with the perfect body, ask yourself: “Do I put forth the right amount of effort to look my best?” All of the success that comes along with having a body you’re proud of stem from the self-confidence you feel. So instead of wishing you could make a change-maybe it’s time to take some steps to feel better about yourself.

Finding the difference between giving into unrealistic pressures and taking care of yourself is key. It isn’t healthy to constantly feel pressure, however if you seek to make changes for yourself that result in being more self-confident then learning about your options is a great idea.

As many women had to learn the hard way with decades of pressure for the perfect body, considering cosmetic surgery to look better should be a personal choice.  Waking up every day and hiding the problem areas that the gym can’t get rid of, not wanting to be in photos because you wish you had a stronger jawline, or keeping your shirt on at the pool because you feel your abs and pecs aren’t what you hoped, doesn’t have to last forever.

This New Year take the time to learn about your options. Let yourself be a priority. Gain the confidence that will allow this year to be a success.



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