NYC’s top surgeons discuss the growing trend in male plastic surgery

9 Apr 2015

NYC’s top surgeons discuss the growing trend in male plastic surgery

Many young men are getting “the job” done. According to Dr. Douglas Steinbrech, one of the most widely acclaimed surgeons in the industry, increasing numbers of male patients are coming to them and getting work done, but guess what for? To find work!

Despite what politicians may want us to believe, in the last ten years, it has become more and more difficult for people to find jobs, especially careers. Just ask an entire generation who seems to know better. After investing in advanced education, more and more individuals struggled once being launched out into the real world. It has postponed several different areas of one’s life to not feel settled, established, or comfortable with a job. Most jobs on the market today are sales driven. -And what do we know about sales? You are essentially selling yourself.

Young men are now taking radical action to make sure they are head to toe “dressed for success”. Stability and safety is what was promised to the youth of America, but most jobs today are lacking in those areas. More and more men feel pressure to take on an entrepreneurial spirit as the only portal to achieving “The American Dream.”

The American Dream consists of a painted picture of ideals, including an aesthetic look to match the job you want! For this reason, men are seeking the experts to get a physical edge on the competition, complete with the right amount of confidence to catapult business and drive sales. If the current state of our country has taught us one thing, it is that looks are important. Beauty and allure attracts a level of success that is seemingly more profitable and adds more value and credibility to a person than we wish to acknowledge. As any recession has shown, industries which revolve around the upkeep of your appearance never to seem to suffer quite as hard as others. Individuals will always find a way to maintain the right look that will appeal to employers. The benefits of engaging the masses is justified with every dollar spent.



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