Quad (Thigh) Augmentation

Quad (Thigh) Augmentation for Men in NYC

What is Quad (Thigh) Augmentation?

Quad (Thigh) Augmentation is a surgery that reshapes and broadens the appearance of the quadriceps by inserting silicone implants on top of the muscle. Quadriceps implants are performed on the femoris muscle, particularly for individuals seeking to achieve a broader, more toned looking leg. This is an ideal cosmetic option for those who may have a large chest or shoulders, but struggle to improve muscle mass on their legs. Each implant is carefully tailored to fit each patient to match the their unique goals and desired definition. Due to the importance of detailed measures, this procedure should be performed by a board-certified surgeon. Dr. Steinbrech specializes in quad augmentation surgery for men at his NYC practice.

How is Quad Augmentation Performed?

The Quad Augmentation procedure is performed on the patient using general anesthesia. The surgery begins with a small incision near the inguinal cease muscle, leading to another small incision to the face of the rectus femoris. This is where a small pocket will be made for the soft and shaped correctly silicone implant to be positioned. Once positioned, to check the result, the doctor will flex and extend the leg postures. If shown no issues, both incisions will be closed with dissolvable sutures. To help the healing, a light dressing will be placed on the incision and kept there until washed off naturally.

Who is a Good Candidate?

To be a good candidate, the patient should be seeking the desire to achieve a better muscular definition in their upper thigh. In some cases, despite vigorous exercise, some individuals cannot achieve increased muscle mass on the quadriceps–making this an ideal option for bodybuilders seeking improvement in this region. Other patients, such as those with defects in thigh muscle growth that can be a result of past trauma, may also elect for quad augmentation. Also, some candidates may include those struggling to decrease muscle wasting that is occurring in the thighs. All ideal patients should be able to control and maintain a healthy body/muscle weight.

  • Fuller, more muscular and defined appearance in the legs
  • Restores balance and proportion to men with underdeveloped leg muscles
  • Increased sense of self-confidence following surgery

Recovery Time

For the first week, patients must wear compression garments around the quad for 24 hours each day until the next follow up. During this time, the patient is able to shower or launder the garment if needed. For the first three weeks after the procedure, patients will schedule follow up appointments with the surgeon to examine the recovery process. Within two to four weeks patients will participate in a gentle exercise program to keep comfort in the hip and knee. Recovery after Quadricep implant surgery may take up to four weeks. Overall, patients should see results almost immediately following the surgery.

Treatment & Consultation

To learn more about quadricep augmentation in New York City, please contact Dr. Douglas Steinbrech to request your consultation or call 646-949-0130.

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