Rebuilding Your Body in NYC

Rebuilding your body allows you to show it off during the summer.  As a bodybuilder, you work hard to achieve your muscular, toned physique and, whether you are competing in competitions or just working hard to have a big body built with rock-hard muscles, you should take every opportunity to revel in your efforts. When summer draws to a close, bodybuilders enter “bulking season” in which they eat [higher quantities of food] to gain weight and increase muscle mass. As a bodybuilder, you may get frustrated with certain body parts not developing proportionally to the rest of your body, giving your build an off-balanced look. Rather than stressing yourself out and putting your body through such strenuous exercises in an attempt to build something that might not be buildable, it would be wise to use this hibernation season to start getting procedures done that will give you the body and build you desire, allowing your body to heal just in time for cutting season. We offer a variety of procedures that give your body more definition and sculpt areas of deficiency in your body that don’t respond to exercise.


Rebuilding Your Body

  • Hi Def Liposculpting differs from regular liposuction by offering a more targeted and defined result. This procedure sculpts the body by removing undesirable stubborn fat and strategically chiseling the perfect six-pack and pelvic lines for the most desirable Body Builder physique. This procedure is done under local or general anesthesia within 1-5 hours. Patients can typically return to work within a few days but are advised to avoid strenuous activity for at least a month.
  • Hi Def Pec Enhancement Pectoral Implants have been a great solution for men who have issues developing their chest muscles with regular exercise. As a bodybuilder, it is important to give the body a proportioned look. Hi Def pectoral implants enhance the figure of a bodybuilder, giving men an evenly balanced physique while presenting a more defined, chiseled look than a basic pectoral implant procedure would. Implants are inserted through a small incision in the armpit and are held in place by the pectoral muscle. Patients should expect soreness for a few days following surgery but should be able to resume normal activity after 1 week. The muscle function will not be hindered by this surgery and strenuous exercise can recommence within six weeks after surgery.
  • Gluteal Enhancement with Fat or Implant Gluteal muscles can be very hard to naturally develop, especially for bodybuilders when they look to achieve an overall balance in their physique. Bodybuilders commonly seek gluteal enhancement to give their glute muscles a fuller, lifted look and allow their profile to be proportionate to the rest of their muscular build for competition. This can be achieved by injections of the patient’s body fat that has been removed from another area of the body or with silicone implants. Fat injections require liposuction on another part of your body, washing and purifying the fat to then be transferred to your buttocks. Gluteal Implants is a silicone implant unique in size and shape that is placed into your glutes leaving virtually invisible scarring. Both procedures require a 2-3 week downtime where you can expect to not sit or lie down on your back during the recovery process. Swelling is to be expected but will completely disappear within 6 weeks.

To find out more information regarding the treatments and procedures that best fit the bodybuilder lifestyle, the right aesthetic achievement, and which may be right for you, please contact Dr. Steinbrech today!

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