Shoulder Implants (Deltoid Augmentation)

Shoulder implant surgery consists of silicone implants crafted to enhance the appearance and definition of the deltoid muscles, particularly suited for individuals who struggle to achieve desired results through exercise or other non-invasive methods. The Alpha Male Plastic Surgery Network specializes in shoulder (deltoid) implants tailored for male patients in NY, ensuring a customized and seamless look for each individual. Despite diligent exercise efforts, some people find it challenging to sculpt and define their deltoids to their liking.

What Are Deltoid Implants?

Deltoid implants offer a solution, providing the illusion of larger, more defined arm muscles. Additionally, they can enhance the overall proportion and appearance of not only the deltoids but the entire body. Incisions for implant placement are discreetly located in the underarm to minimize visible scarring, a location commonly utilized for chest, bicep, and tricep implants if performed simultaneously. Patients typically notice immediate changes following completion of the surgery.

Shoulder Implants - Before and After Photos

How Does Shoulder Implant Surgery Work?

In the procedure, an incision is made discreetly in the crease beneath the arm. Subsequently, the surgeon creates a pocket with sufficient space to accommodate the silicone implant within the body, which is then carefully inserted through a small incision and positioned within the soft tissue. Over time, fibrous tissue forms around the area, providing stability to the implant within the region comprising both adipose and muscular tissues. Following the surgery, the incision is closed with stitches, and a dressing is applied to alleviate pain and reduce inflammation. A medical bandage is thoughtfully applied, allowing the patient to witness the transformation shortly after the surgery.

Who Is A Good Best Candidate For Shoulder Implants?

Deltoid implant surgery is aimed at enhancing muscular definition and augmenting mass and fullness in the upper arm region. This procedure proves particularly beneficial for men in Los Angeles who struggle to attain the desired deltoid size despite their dedicated efforts to build lean shoulder mass. Moreover, shoulder implants are recommended in specific cases where an injury has occurred, necessitating augmentation to restore balance in the upper physique.

Shoulder Implants - Before and After Photos

Recovery Time for Shoulder Implants

Following deltoid implant surgery, the recovery period can extend up to four weeks. Initially, arm movement may be challenging during the first week. Patients will receive instructions to refrain from raising their arms for the initial two days post-surgery. Subsequently, the surgeon will remove any bandages and recommend a gentle exercise regimen within 1-2 weeks to facilitate a complete and comfortable range of motion in the arms. Typically, patients can start using their upper body muscles within approximately a week. Subsequently, full engagement in physical activities can be expected within one month.

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During your shoulder implant consultation (deltoid augmentation), Dr. Douglas Steinbrech will evaluate you to determine whether you are a good candidate for this procedure. To schedule your shoulder implant consultation in NYC or to receive additional information, please contact us today, via the contact form or by calling 1 (646) 949-0130.

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