Shoulder Implants (deltoid augmentation)

Shoulder implants (deltoid augmentation) in NYC

Shoulder implants (deltoid augmentation) is a procedure for those that would like to have more bulk and definition in the upper arm. Shoulder implants may also be used to correct deformities as well as reconstruction of the shoulder caused by trauma or injury to safely produce bulk in the shoulder region. Dr. Douglas Steinbrech specializes in shoulder implants for his male patients in the NYC area. He offers customizable implant to provide mass to the deltoid region as well as to give shape and definition.


Ideal candidates for shoulder implants are men in NYC who would like to add more bulk and definition to their shoulder area. Some men are fortunate enough to have better genetics as others with greater deltoid muscle mass and can easily develop the definition working out at the gym with minimal efforts. Other men can spend a hours at the gym working on their shoulders with disappointing results. 


Shoulder implants are made of solid, soft silicone and are customized for each patient by Dr. Steinbrech. This surgical procedure involves an incision made into the deltoid muscle area. Dr. Steinbrech will then create a pocket under the muscle layer to place the implants in. The incisions are closed with sutures for healing.


Recovery time after shoulder implants surgery may take up to a month to heal. A few weeks after the procedure some patients may have difficulty raising their arms. This is normal and will disappear within a month as the implant adjusts to the existing deltoid muscle and stretches over the muscle tissue. Most male patients may return to their daily workouts and exercise within weeks or as advised by Dr. Steinbrech. However, full healing of deltoid augmentation procedure of the area generally takes about six months.


During your shoulder implants consultation (deltoid augmentation), Dr. Douglas Steinbrech will evaluate to determine whether you are a good candidate for this procedure. To schedule your shoulder implants consultation in NYC or to receive additional information, please contact Dr. Steinbrech today.



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