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5 Nov 2018

Poland Syndrome Treatment for Men in New York City

Is there anything more attractive than a masculine, built chest? For many women, a man’s muscular pecs are the one thing that makes them weak in the knees. A well-built chest, symmetrical and strong, is the kind of thing that makes a man feel like a man. It looks great, shows your strength, and also helps your clothes fit a little bit better.

For most men, they’re attainable through regular diet and exercise. Even just being naturally born with stronger pectoral muscles can help you get the kind of torso that most people adore seeing. It should be easy, but, what happens if you don’t really have the muscles necessary to actually get a sexy chest?

Or, what if you didn’t have any pectoral muscles at all?

And, what if you only have pecs on one side of your body?

Poland Syndrome: The Men Without Chests

If you have Poland Syndrome, you already know the answer to this. Poland Syndrome is a congenital disorder that is characterized by being born with a lack of pectoral muscles on one side your body. This gives your chest a very uneven, underdeveloped appearance. At times, it can even cause you to be born without a nipple!

It doesn’t take too much to see why most men who have Poland Syndrome are extremely sensitive about their bodies. Poland Syndrome is a condition that you’re born with—and one can only imagine the kind of humiliation that sufferers felt growing up with this condition.

How Does Poland Syndrome Affect You?

Poland Syndrome is not actually physically painful or dangerous, but it wreaks emotional havoc. As years pass, most men with Poland Syndrome find themselves struggling with their body image. In many cases, the body image issues they feel may begin to interfere with their daily lives.

They may have a hard time dating due to the self-esteem hits they take from having potential partners get turned off after seeing the chests. They may worry about taking off their shirt in public. Depending on how extreme the issue is, they may even struggle with getting clothing that fits them.

Do you have Poland Syndrome? If so, you may be happy to know that it can be treated—and that you, too, can have a symmetrical chest. Dr. Steinbrech currently is one of the only male plastic surgeons in the New York City area to offer solutions to men who have Poland Syndrome.

How Is Poland Syndrome Treated?

The most common way to treat Poland Syndrome is through fat injections or fat transfers. Dr. Steinbrech can help give your chest an even appearance by offering fat injections into key points of your chest. Though these injections cannot be built into muscle, what they can do is offer patients a way to get the aesthetic balance you want to have.

That being said, there are other methods that can be used to treat Poland Syndrome, depending on how advanced the syndrome is. These can include muscle grafting, nipple addition, as well as specialized implants.

What Should I Expect From Poland Syndrome Treatment?

Before any treatment can start, Dr. Steinbrech will need to consult with you about your Poland Syndrome and evaluate your chest. During your consultation, you will learn about the treatment that is best for you, the procedure behind it, and also have any questions you have answered.

In most cases, Dr. Steinbrech performs Poland Syndrome using fat transfers. With a fat transfer, you will choose a place to get rid of fat. The fat will be taken out of your body from a location that you and Dr. Steinbrech will choose during your consultation.

To start your fat transfer, the doctor makes a small incision in your donor area and inserts a tube called a cannula under your skin. The cannula will break up fat and suction it out. Once the fat’s out of your donor area, it’s prepared for re-introduction in your chest.

Another couple of incisions are made around your chest. From there, the fat will be transferred into your body. More fat will be used than what you may expect. This is normal, since some of the fat will be reabsorbed into your body once you are recovered.

The typical fat transfer procedure will be done under local anesthesia and takes a total of an hour. Recovery can vary, but is typically assisted with compression garments, pain medication, and bandages.

Dr. Steinbrech will instruct you on your unique recovery process prior to the procedure, and will be there every step of the way. Most people will fully recover within a month, but can start exercising in as little as two weeks’ time.

After a week to two weeks of rest and very light activity, you will get a followup checkup with Dr. Steinbrech. This is done to ensure that no complications have arisen.

Who Should Seek Out Poland Syndrome Treatment?

Dr. Steinbrech’s New York City office has seen quite a few men who wanted to erase Poland Syndrome from their lives. Though every Poland Syndrome sufferer may want this procedure, it’s not for everyone. The ideal male candidate for Poland Syndrome has the following traits:

He was born with Poland Syndrome.
He is in reasonably good health.
His weight is healthy, and also stable.
He doesn’t have extreme expectations when it comes to plastic surgery.

Does this sound like you? If so, you are probably a candidate for Poland Syndrome correction.

Got More Questions?

If you were born with Poland Syndrome, you don’t have to live your life feeling ashamed of your body. You can take control of your life and your looks—and you can do it all by choosing to get treatment. At the offices of Dr. Steinbrech, we can give you a way to get the body you always wanted and dreamed of.

Whether you simply have questions about the procedure you would need, or if you are ready to make your first step on a journey towards a symmetrical chest, we are here for you.



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