The Male Model Makeover® Experience

Watch this amazing 10 Minutes Male Model Makeover® performed by Douglas S. Steinbrech, MD, FACS of NYC. View the procedure of the 49-year-old male patient using common dermal fillers such as Radiesse and Restylane. Check his before and after photos of the results!

Dr. Steinbrech is leading the forefront in male plastic surgery for a reason. This is actual proof that you do not have to be a male model, athlete, or body builder in order to achieve a certain look and and reach your desired expectations. Within minutes, Dr. Steinbrech is able to transform Bobby’s facial structure with a non-invasive procedure that delivers drastic cosmetic effects while remaining subtle in his overall look. Oxy-moron, I know.

The work of Dr. Steinbrech is geared towards enhancing your current features without making the changes that seem too over done and fake looking. His style is what separates him from the ordinary. Procedures broken down in this formula produce high-quality effects due to the non-invasive treatments, quick speed of the procedure and no recovery time. You can look like a newer, younger, and better version of yourself while coming back from your lunch break.

The Male Model Makeover® Experience

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Most men feel their outer appearance sometimes does not reflect how agile and strong they still feel as they get older. Society has always produced these insecurities and sensationalized that men should shy away from any form of vain attempt at enhancing their features and allowing them to experience what it means to feel great about how they look. Men and women should all be comfortable and inquire about their options if it will give them an opportunity to feel attractive. Today is a new day, with a new generation of acceptance towards the idea of men and these procedures.

By using common dermal fillers such as Radiesse and Restylane, it allows all genres and classes of men to experience this brand of success depending on their aging concerns and their ultimate goals. Results and benefits can vary in their longevity depending on the type of treatment, but as you can see the maintenance can be simple and easy for the average, everyday man, without feeling like he has compromised his true looks, identity, or manhood.

Every man has it in him to be the Hollywood Leading Man in his own life and feel like one too! These types of procedures just give that extra boost in self confidence and in reality to complete your success story.

Treatment & Consultation

To learn more about quadricep augmentation in New York City, please contact Dr. Douglas Steinbrech to request your consultation or call 646-949-0130.

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Dr-Douglas-SteinbrechDouglas S. Steinbrech, M.D., F.A.C.S. is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon that specializes in male aesthetics. Dr. Steinbrech is certified by the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons and a diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Learn More seals


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