The Difference Between Lean & Buff

3 Feb 2016

The Difference Between Lean & Buff

The Procedures to Assist in Creating Each Look!



There is a difference in looking lean or buff. As a result, certain plastic surgery procedures are designed to create each kind of look. Therefore, what you choose depends mainly on your personality, your level of activity, the kinds of sports you are interested in and how you want to be perceived.

What Look Do You Want to Convey?

So, who are you? Do you want to be perceived as the “Bodybuilder” type (buff) or the leaner or slimmer sports figure type (“Athletic Dad)? You can achieve a lean and toned look or look like you regularly body-build with one of various procedures.

Hi Def Liposculptng for Men

For example, if you wish to have more definition, or look more buff, you might want to consider hi def liposculpting for men, a less-invasive method of effectively and safely eliminating fatty deposits that do not seem to go away. This type of procedure is used on a man’s abs to better define them as well. It can also be used on other areas of the body, such as the stomach and waist to get rid of lingering fat that does not go away through diet and exercise. So, whether you want a more “buff” look or wish to appear leaner, this is the procedure for you.

The process itself can last from an hour to five hours. It just depends on the amount of fat removal. Either a general or local anesthesia is used, depending on what area or areas are being treated. This part of the procedure is discussed during a pre-operative appointment.

For post-hi def liposculpting, compression garments, antibiotics and/or drainage tubes may be required to help facilitate healing. Many of the patients in NYC return to their jobs in only a few days. Any strenuous activity should not be executed for about 30 days following the surgery.

Hi Def Pec Enhancement

Some men can have their bodies resculpted by hi def pec enhancement. Using pectoral implants can enhance of the shapes of body builders who want a fuller muscular look – one that they have not been able to achieve through bodybuilding routines.

After the Surgery

Surgery for this kind of enhancement requires general anesthesia and entails making a small incision in the armpit. The pectoral implants stay in place as they are located beneath the pectoralis muscle. The muscle functioning is not hampered when the procedure is performed. Therefore, patients are able to exercise after they heal. The implants do not feel firm when touched, such as the implants made for females. Most patients experience some soreness after surgery. Full activity or more strenuous pursuits are barred for around six week. However, normal activity can continue after about seven days.

Gluteal Enhancement

Some buff looking guys opt for a gluteal enhancement by either fat transfer or by an implant. This process is done to make up for any deficit of a fat deposit in the area of the buttocks.

More Ways to Get Rid of Fat and Look Streamlined and Slim

Men who want to keep a lean look can opt for such procedures as CoolSculpting (which uses a freezing process to permanently remove fat cells or liposuction. Either of these processes (plus the hi def liposculpting) will get rid of ever-lingering fat.

So, there is a difference between buff and lean. Buff references a bodybuilder’s look while lean refers to a slim and trim and athletic physique.




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