The First of its Kind: Men’s Plastic Surgery App

26 Jul 2014

The First of its Kind: Men’s Plastic Surgery App

The first-of-its-kind men’s plastic surgery app is what’s new. Our first-ever application! We’ve been inspired to provide you with a little something extra. With our new application, you can have all of the information you’re looking for in one place.

The application can be downloaded for free on iTunes (iPhone and iPad compatible) and Google Play (Android compatible). You’ll be able to access our videos, news, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, forms, and contact information. Additionally, you’ll have access to any specials or promotions that we are running.

Men’s Plastic Surgery App

The best part is, there’s nothing else like it. We built the first male plastic surgery app out there, and our goal is to build stronger relationships through constant connectivity with you.

Let’s check it out:


When you first open the Men’s Plastic Surgery App, you’ll have instant access to our website. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll notice the Home, Videos, News, Facebook, and More tabs. When you click more, you’ll be presented with our Home, Videos, News, Facebook, Instagram, Forms, and Contact Us pages.


With our videos, you’ll be able to watch informational pieces conducted by Dr. Steinbrech on various male plastic surgery procedures. These videos should help you to gain further insight into any procedures you’re currently researching.


The news tab is none other than our blog! Each week you’ll be updated with new information on various procedures, benefits, how-to’s, pre and post-procedure treatments, etc.


Finally, you’ll be able to easily follow each of our social media channels in the comfort of one main source—our application.

We hope you love it!


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