The Quest for Masculinity: Male Breast Reduction

21 Apr 2014

The Quest for Masculinity: Male Breast Reduction

The Quest for Masculinity: Male Breast Reduction

GynecomastiaWhat characteristics do you associate with the appearance of a confident, masculine man? How about a strong jaw line, a deep voice, or well-appointed muscles? You can probably think of dozens more attributes to add to this list.

But, one thing that’s not on this list is breasts. Sure, they make a beautiful feature on women, but on men, overdeveloped breasts make you the punch line of hurtful jokes. No man wants to have enlarged or overdeveloped breasts, but rest assured that you’re not the only man battling this condition. Having enlarged breasts is actually quite common. As much as 60 percent of the male population suffers from the condition, medically termed “gynecomastia.” It can happen at any age and has many different causes—hormones, heredity, obesity, and the use of certain medications or drugs.

If you are a man living with enlarged breasts, there is a solution that’s available specifically for you. Male breast reduction surgery uses specialized plastic surgery techniques to get rid of that extra breast tissue or fat.  The surgery takes less than two hours and the results are permanent. After surgery, your chest will be flatter and firmer, without the appearance of female-like breasts. You’ll certainly be able to have confidence in your masculine persona again!

Dr. Steinbrech has been performing male breast reduction surgery in New York City for many years. He is an expert plastic surgeon and provides the kind of individual treatment that men with gynecomastia want.  Instead of wishing for a masculine body, make it happen and call Dr. Steinbrech today!



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