Turkeys are Popular During the Holidays but Not Turkey Necks

30 Dec 2015

Turkeys are Popular During the Holidays but Not Turkey Necks

What You Can Do to Get Rid of a Wattle Neck

Slide11-e1414763019285Are you plagued with an unsightly neck? Do you find yourself wearing your fair share of scarves or other clothing items designed to act as decoys to cover your turkey neck? If so, you might need to make a New Year’s Resolution to shed yourself of the wrinkles once and for all.

One Resolution You May Want to Keep

One of the ways that turkey neck can be eliminated is by opting for a neck lift. Because the neck is one of the places where aging shows first, a neck lift can greatly transform a man’s appearance. Some of the processes used in a neck lift include removing any excess skin, altering the neck muscles, using liposuction to remove excess fat and injecting the neck with Botox to address issues with bands or fullness. Naturally, a consultation is in order if you need to have this procedure undertaken. Discuss your expectations with your surgeon. Just make sure you approach the procedure realistically.

A turkey wattle neck is often the most common concern that is addressed when scheduling a neck lift. However, the procedure is often used to reduce the look of a double chin too. In the instance of a turkey neck, the surgeon will probably suggest making cuts beneath the chin or behind the ear to access the platysma, or the neck muscle. Sometimes the procedure involves removing part of this muscle. However, newer procedures may allow the surgeon to make smaller incisions using endoscopic equipment.

When Liposuction is Part of the Process

If liposuction is needed, the surgeon will make a small incision below the chin to remove the excess fat. When liposuction and a neck lift are combined, the surgeon will perform the liposuction first. You can determine whether or not you need liposuction during a consultation.

If you have too much skin on your neck, the surgeon will trim off parts of the skin and then lift the skin, securing it with stitches, glue or tissue. It takes about 3-4 hours, depending on the complexity. Usually, a compression bandage is used, which is worn for about 7 days, unless otherwise directed.

A Beneficial Boost

The main benefit of getting a neck lift is to diminish the look of unattractive jowls or wrinkles. Once a neck lift is performed and the excess skin and vertical lines are removed, you will automatically look years younger – a beneficial boost to your overall self-esteem.

Sometimes neck lifts are performed in combination with a face lift. Therefore, a consultation is again necessary to determine your specific cosmetic needs. However, that being said, a saggy neck is still distracting even if the face looks relatively youthful. Many men neglect the neck in lieu of the face, which seemingly speeds up any premature aging in the neck area.

Fatty deposits underneath the chin, loose or excess skin and lax muscles all produce the jowly look of a turkey neck. This kind of development can obscure both the definition of the chin and the jaw line. Therefore, some of the prime benefits of getting rid of a turkey neck include:

  • Correction of jowls
  • Elmination of fat deposits beneath the chin
  • Elimination of excess skin
  • Tightening of the jaw line

Regardless of one’s age, a turkey neck is frequently the result of genetics. Therefore, no amount of exercise or facial care will sufficiently correct the appearance. A neck lift is an ideal option then for candidates who are somewhat younger and have recently lost a good deal of weight – all which resulted in a loose and sagging neck. However, they also may feel they are not quite ready to contemplate facial surgery.

When you have a tight and smooth neck, you will suddenly look more youthful. If you want to enjoy future holidays and wear less in the way of scarves or turtlenecks, then make a New Year’s Resolution to schedule a consultation for a neck lift procedure after the holidays.



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