Upper & Lower Eyelift

Upper & Lower Eyelift Surgery for Men in NYC



What is an Eyelift?

Eyelift surgery, otherwise called Blepharoplasty, enhances the look and function of the upper and/or lower eyelids for a fresher, more youthful appearance. To counteract signs of aging, this minimally invasive procedure makes adjustments to the patient’s skin, fat or muscle that may swell or hang around the eyes. In a few cases, the hanging or hooding of the eyelid can even start to debilitate and interfere with vision. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons recommends working with a board-certified professional. Dr. Steinbrech is highly skilled at performing upper and lower eyelift surgery and other procedures for men in NYC.

How is an Eyelift Performed?

Upper Eyelift

Upper eyelid excess skin and fat can create a heavy-looking eyelid, aged appearance, puffiness, and sometimes block vision. Upper Blepharoplasty is performed to remove excess skin and fat and can improve vision. In an upper Blepharoplasty, tiny cuts are made in precise locations such as the regular eyelid pleats. Upper blepharoplasty surgery uses incisions on the skin to allow for the removal of skin and fat. A thin stitch is then used to bring the skin together to allow for the creation of an eyelid crease.

Lower Eyelift

Lower blepharoplasty is performed to remove excess skin, reduce wrinkles, and improve the shape of the lower eyelid by removing skin and fat. Sometimes tightening the eyelid is needed to correct droopiness or sagging. Adding fat is done to improve a “hollowed” appearance. Lower eyelid surgery can involve tiny skin incisions directly below the lash line or an incision on the inside of the eyelid called a transconjunctival approach. The transconjunctival approach allows for access to the eyelid fat without visible incisions making this technique perfect for patients who need fat removed or added. This approach can be combined with laser resurfacing of the eyelid skin to reduce lines and wrinkles. However, male eyelift surgery has a particularly high satisfaction rate with precise plastic surgery specialists in NYC.

Who is a Good Candidate for Eyelift Surgery?

An upper and/or lower eyelift can take years off of your face by providing for you with a rested and restored look. As the zone encompassing the eye is one of the first places to hints of aging begins. Upper and lower eyelift surgery can be both cosmetic and functional. Candidates for an eyelift encompass patients seeking a tighter facial appearance as well as those looking to correct vision impairment. Men in NYC typically consider an eyelift to address the following concerns:

  • Upper eyelid excess fatty deposits that cause puffiness
  • Eyelid folds from sagging or loose skin
  • Excess eyelid skin causing fine wrinkles
  • Under-eye bags
  • Droopiness of the eyelids

Recovery Time

During the first few days, swelling is counteracted by cold and warm compresses as instructed by Dr. Steinbrech. Due to the location of an eyelift, temporary mild discomfort can occur in the immediate recovery period but narcotics are rarely needed. The full recovery process may take a few weeks to fully heal, however, you can begin wearing contact lenses as soon as swelling becomes less visible. 

Treatment Cost & Consultation

Accomplished board-certified plastic surgeon specialist Dr. Steinbrech has extensive experience in performing an eyelift for men in NYC. Treating the region encompassing the eye is a secure and practical way to accomplish a more youthful look, boosting self-assurance and permitting you to look the age you feel.

For more details about upper and lower eyelift surgery for men in NYC, please call 646-949-0130 or visit Dr. Steinbrech’s office for your consultation today. Dr. Steinbrech is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.


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