Video Blog: Male Model Makeover®

28 Feb 2020

Video Blog: Male Model Makeover®

Are you a male model in the New York City area? If so, you know how competitive it can be! You’re faced with the challenge of keeping up your appearance. The industry demands a youthful appearance with strong facial features and of course a chiseled body. Although you may have all of these things, maybe you’re still having a hard time differentiating yourself and keeping up with the competition.

In this case, Dr. Steinbrech offers various Male Model solutions. The Male Model procedure can include as little or as much as you’re looking to accomplish, including Jaw Augmentation, Hi Def Liposuction, Hi Def Model Pec Enhancement, and Gluteal Enhancement.

Most automatically think of an invasive procedure with a long recovery time. In Dr. Steinbrech’s video, which is just under three minutes, you can see how a male model enhanced his facial features in just 10 minutes! Also, you will learn that Dr. Steinbrech practices in a very natural way. His goal is not to completely change a patient’s appearance, but to enhance natural features. This is evident in the video as it will appear that the male model looks the same, but at the same time his facial features are more prominent and look as though he was born with it!

Please comment below with your thoughts on the video, as we appreciate all feedback very much! Additionally, you may visit our Male Model page for more information on the procedure.



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